The Pleasure Report. Week 25. The perfect with wine edition.

Week 25 in the year of pleasure

The Pleasure

Forty nine points, fifty five last week

And a 25:1 pleasure to pain ratio

A selection of the pleasure

Tomato omlette or work of art

Willian village fair did NOT do us proud.

Grumpy book stallholder.

The cost, he said, of the second hand book, was at least £500 because of the amount of time I’d spent looking at it.

He wasn’t smiling and I very nearly didn’t give him the 40 pence.

And food.

NO veggie option at all. Nothing. Can you believe that!?

We left pretty quickly, went home and I made a tomato omlette that made everything better.

It was beautiful: fluffy, just a hint of brown golden edge, contrasted with the bright tomatoes and a scattering of basil.

Really…we sat admiring it for as long as we dared before it got cold.

Wine…it crossed our minds….yes…… a chilled glass of rose. I was ready to change career to food stylist.

And then everything was better.

I very nearly did take a photograph of it. But my camera wouldn’t have done it justice.

That was all it took….a perfect omlette and everything was better.

Sunshine Cleaning

Another film from

Sunshine Cleaning….warms the heart

“Happy people work harder”

Research by economists at Warwick University now prove it.

This is great.

Points of reference ready and available NOW.

This can only mean good things for pleasure.

The Pain

Puss cat injured

We think it was a glancing blow from a car but she can’t put weight on one of her back legs.

She’s with the lovely vet having x-rays right this minute.

The vet, what a lovely man, he called her darling.

I opened up her basket and she wasn’t too keen on coming out.

The vet, in a soft, gentle, tender and caring voice, said

” Come on darling, let’s get you out of there so we can have a look” as he lifted her with as much tenderness as I think is humanly possible.

The pain I did something about

A little lie down

Even though it’s a workday, I woke criminally early and was wondering about my puss cat’s x-rays and my brain just wouldn’t work.

I’d normally just push on.

Today….a little bit of kind worked its way in and I had a little lie down. I didn’t sleep but it worked a treat.

And really only took 15 minutes.

The Pleasure Posse

From our #itsapleasure hash tag on twitter.

I wonder if it’s just been a quiet week on the pleasure front this week or maybe so pleasurable there just wasn’t time to tweet about it?

@susanfuller eating the first summer squash from the garden #itsapleasure

What about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about.

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  1. Posted July 19, 2010 at 4:40 pm | Permalink

    Sorry to hear about the cat, hope it is better.

    Interesting about the research on happy people. When I did my MSc the research seemed to be pointing in the opposite direction. I treat all such statement headlines with skepticism because when you read the detail it typically just isn’t that simple. Also working harder doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily efficient or achieving what you need to. I was at the Latitude festival at the weekend and went to a session on ‘How to Play’. Apparently working ‘hard’ came in with protestantism and the clock.

    Calm has been restored. New commitment made to mindfulness and maintained so far.
    Latitude Festival with friend. Super, excellent, delightful. Especially ballet by the lake in the sunshine, a couple of bands, writing a poem in the Faraway Forest and those funny moments camping.

    After effects of weekend camping, lots of walking back and forth, sitting on hard ground, long days and prancing around to music. But it was worth it………


  2. Pauline
    Posted August 1, 2010 at 7:05 pm | Permalink

    Hi Alison,
    I agree, research headlines aren’t usually reliable indicators of the content conclusions. I’ve always got more questions to ask than any article covers so I’m usually just left frustrated in attempts to understand the detail.
    Possibly why I want to do my own research.

    Glad your calm is restored. Hope it stuck.


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