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Making work a Pleasure – that’s better

  When there’s an overwhelming amount of things I’d like to see changed in the world (and there are), it can begin to feel unbearable. One overwhelm protection method I’ve given a go, is to just block it out, seal myself up, avoid reading the news and effectively try to keep it from view. Short […]

Happy New Year

      Looking ahead, at the potential of a fresh new year. The potential is there every year of course but this year it really does feel like it could all be very different. My 50th birthday last year helped me focus, more than other birthdays as you might imagine, on what is really […]

The Face of an Introvert Understood

  Space to think   She knew I was in need of space and quiet For ‘next phase of life’ thinking purposes And so offered me their house, while they were away, to think in Isn’t that lovely   Peace   There’s more They’re having some building work done at the moment and she stopped […]

Peonies and the prospect of a 21 hour work week

  Make an introvert happy Peonies and the prospect of a 21 hour work week That’s what’s a pleasure for me at the moment, my introvert self is particularly keen on this prospect.   The New Economics Foundation are proposing a 21 hour work week. Maybe working towards it over a decade They aim for […]

Inspiring Tales of Pleasure At Work

Do you know someone who can still find work a pleasure even in the current climate, who, when they talk about it, make your stress levels drop a bit and begin to remember there’s good bits? I’m gathering examples of pleasure at work. I’d like to post them here at the blog to provide inspiration, […]

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