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International Coaching Week

      It’s International Coaching week and I’m celebrating. Celebrating the life changing, transformational, blooming effect that working with a coach can have on our lives. – quality of life – wellbeing/burnout – conscious leadership – work life – business Each day hearing feedback from clients about the changes they’ve made despite thinking them […]

Happy New Year

  Happy New Year! And welcome to new subscribers, thank you, you are so very welcome. I’ve been giving some attention to the matter of what might make it a happy new year.  Is there anything specific you’re hoping to get here this year? I’d be really happy to hear what you’re looking for, in […]

Conditions for thriving – 3rd in series of 6 – we must not do too much work

    Photo by Brian Mann on Unsplash  Where are you on the continuum from surviving to thriving? If you’d like to be more thrive than survive, you’re in the right place. I’m taking a look at the conditions for thriving over 6 weeks – a short video each week to start moving towards thriving. Taking it gently, […]

Give Peace a Year – Meeting Four

Meeting number four With the aim of peace, everywhere, starting here, now, transforming violence in life, one word, thought or deed at a time. And because it’s not the slog that will get us there, it’s the joy examples of things that warmed our hearts are also shared Transformation from the fourth meeting this week […]

First Meeting – Give Peace a Year

  The first meeting In person group – Thursday 11th February 2016 Online group starts today – details at the end of these examples from the in person group. Where there is violence in the language we consume, translating it to how we would like it to be. A selection of our examples 1. Political […]

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