Chewed leaves

There was loss but also gain….

I wandered round my garden a week ago, mourning the loss of perfect shrubs and plants as the bugs and wee beasties had been having a properly good feed.  By the state of the leaves, I imagined them lying flat on their backs somewhere in a post gorge state of beastie bliss.

It didn’t take as long as I expected to take off the worst of the partly eaten leaves and then the whole garden looked suitably recovered to be quite quite alright to look at again. I was resting easier again.

(As an aside….imagine the waste! Sometimes just one nibble from a leaf and then onto another leaf!)

It only occured to me today that what I’ve gained by allowing these beasties their fill from my garden and not spraying or picking the bigger ones off and ‘disposing’ of them, is a garden absolutely full of butterflies.

Quite quite beautiful they are, sometimes 9 or more on one particular oregano bush which they seem to like best, and they haven’t stayed outside, they’ve come in to flutter round and out again while I’m sitting at my desk tapping away at my computer.  I’m so taken with this ‘year of the butterfly’ in my house and their capacity for transformation and beauty that I’ve opted for a symbol of a butterfly to beautify this blog….coming soon.

Edit. The butterflies are now in retirement along with the practical soul blog. They stepped aside for the new site .

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