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Well.  It is truly an amazing day.  I am blogging.  My very first blog. Thanks to Suzanne Falter Barnes of I am blogging.

It is THE way, she tells me, to get all this fantastic practical soul stuff I have out there to the time pressed people who are just whimpering with need of some more soul in their lives, desperate for some peace in the midst of manic, busy, kids and a mortgage, lives with no time to go shamaning with a shaman in the Himalayas. Who need something they can do, here, now and maybe even in the next five minutes before  leaving to collect the kids.

So is it true?  Are you out there.  It would be just brilliant and really encouraging to hear from you if you are.

So blogging it is.  I HAVE to be the least bloggy blogger in the blogosphere…correct me if you know differently.  This time two weeks ago I didn’t know what a blog was, then I signed up and had a blog called ‘the practicals’….I ask you….the practical s.   How did I manage that! Finally after a lot longer than the ‘we’ll have you up and blogging in 15 minutes’ suggestion I am the very proud owner of ‘the practical soul’ blog.

Next step …make it bonny…I’m working on that…next couple of weeks and it’ll be gorgeous as well as here.

Coming soon…

My whole patio laid upside down, my best surface face down in the sand and the rough unfinished side face up exposed to the world …subconscious at work?

The Soul demystified

Tell me if there’s some other soul thing you must have right now and I’ll see if I can find you just the thing.

…….and more.

Edit. The practical soul blog has gone into retirement, stepped aside to let with integrity have it’s day.

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