Five Rhythms

If ever there was a shoulder dropping thing it’s dancing five rhythms.

Have you tried it?

Invited to dance how you feel, no steps to learn, no possibility of getting it wrong and full permission to be yourself in motion.  I call that bliss.  I go to a local class which runs in school term time and in the holidays we all pine for it very badly.

So last week I pushed all the furniture back, stacked up the CD’s and declared open house for ‘the girls’.

Why, I wonder when we’re a collective do we become ‘girls’?  There’s not one of this bunch that’s anything short of 100% woman….doesn’t have the same ring to it ….I’m having the women round?!

I digress.  I live in a barn on the edge of nowhere with an almost entirely open plan downstairs so we have plenty of space, we also opened all the doors and used the patio a bit as well …al fresco five rhythms…we’ve been wanting to do that for ages.

We enjoyed it so much we’re doing it again next week!

Soul food and shoulders dropped for all.

Have you got some shoulder dropping, soul feeding planned?

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