Going Public Today



I’m going public with my blog today.  Just when I thought I was the only blogger in the village, Radio 4 no less, do a programme on bloggers this very week and put me right in my nearly mainstream place.

A warm warm welcome to you.  Have a look around, make yourself feel at home, leave a comment or two, sign up  to get posts sent straight to you)….ooooooo

or sign up for my monthly newsletter…..oooooooooooo

and you could e-mail me and tell me what you think of my blog, of blogging in general or really juicy interesting life critical stuff about your soul, how you worry for my soul or our collective souls.

It’s a special day I’ve chosen today, my birthday, to go public and share.  I’m…um….I can’t remember…it’s forty SOMETHING.  Cake and champagne if you really drop by or a slice of blog for virtual droppers by.

Cheers all!

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