More pleasure for the soul

It was a pretty sorry sight.  Drooping, wilting, dehydrated and some quite puny.  My garden has not been loving the combination of drought, high temperatures mixed with storms and high winds.

So it was slightly heavy hearted that I began yet another clear up at the weekend.  As I got up close and personal with the various beauties around I found some little surprises…a sunflower just burst into bloom, my fig plant with no less than 16 figs on it and the miracle of my wisteria with 2 flowers in it’s second blooming this year!

From gloom to bloom…amazing what you can find in the midst of a busy messy garden if you look a bit closely.

My life can be the same sometimes…busy and messy.  But…taking a minute for a closer look and the riches are revealed.

Have you caught sight of your riches lately?

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