Shoulders down

11.30pm.  Channel flicking to avoid advertisment breaks and I inadvertently land on Mozart at the Proms.  My shoulders instantly drop.  This was a violin duet and this reaction from one who would not weep a single tear if all violins were burned in a screechy whiny pile tomorrow. (Apologies to those who skillfully coax beautiful and poetic music from the little devils).

It’s only when my shoulders drop that I realise how up they had been and breath out in realisation.  Oh bliss!

More violins for me?  Nay, nay and thrice nay but less hectic adverts and millisecond frame shot programmes…oh yes please.

How much are my or your shoulders up all the while?  How much downtime do your shoulders get in an average day, week, lifetime?  How informative your body can be and how much attention do we pay to it?

On noticing, and then allowing a big deep breath out followed by another shoulder drop (of what felt like about 6 feet (or 183cm ) it became clear that there was little conscious shoulder downtime going on in the Esson body this month.

How much in yours? And what stimulates it?  Music, dance, massage, conscious time off playing with the kids?

I remember when doing massage practitioner training (yes I’m qualified and no I can’t as I’ve allowed my professional insurance to lapse), that after a day of training, where we massaged and received massage all day long I went off to a restaurant with my son and his Dad.

Normally the pattern would have been for my wee man (son) to run around in true free toddler style and for me to run after him in restrained restaurant behaviour style attempting to pin him down while Dad dined happily.

That evening I sat, chilled in the extreme, shoulders down, somewhere around my knees I should think, watching my wee man doing his toddler thing happily sipping wine while Dad ran after him attempting to pin him down.  Hmmm…I could live with things this way!

Now I know it’s not terribly practical to employ a whole days massage for every occasion where you’d like to be chilled but it does beg the question….what drops your shoulders?

Thirty seconds of Mozart and they were down and staying down for at least a minute, a day of massage and I’m seriously chilled for about a week and then there was the Carribean Island that claimed ‘give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind’.  AND THEY SO DID!  It happened slowly, gradually, imperceptibly with daily massages, swims and cocktails (don’t forget the cocktails) but it happened.  The most chilled you’re likely to get in this lifetime.

So…what drops your shoulders…in the short term…medium term?  And what do you do regularly to keep them dropped over time, day after day?

Do tell!

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