Slow and slower to zip zip zip

You know how it is when you’ve got loads of applications open on your computer, especially if it’s something like a virus scan and it slows right down and deals with current things much, much slower, it can take a minute to get the e-mail screen to open?

I AM that computer right now….so many things open, in progress, not completed and I’m fidgeting about in my mind very fast indeed but in actual progress slow…very slow.  Greek, the Greek doesn’t help…that a lot of what I’ve got on is in cyberspeak (or Greek as I’m finding it more helpful to think of it…I like the feta cheese and tomato salads and the very very friendly people so learning their language would bear such wonderful fruits…humour me…it’s working for me)

So, not only do I not know what I need to do, but  when I make enquiries the answer comes back in Greek.  And I lost touch with my translator (or virtual assistant, the very dear and patient Erin).  One of the e-mail accounts got lost and so did all her translated e-mails to me.

If you sign up for my newsletter at the moment you get a lovely welcome to default2983746…hmmm need to fix that…more Greek

There are loads and loads of bits like that…I have 22 on a current list of little technical bits to sort out and disconnected from my translator I’m swirling around lost in deepest of deep cyberspace.

Domestically too, I’ve had 4 visits from a gas fitter and three from an electrician and still there sits an oven in the middle of my kitchen floor (well yes I have pushed it over to the side)

there’s more…so much more …even the washing was on go slow, not properly dry after a day and a half on the rack and you know what it’s like if you impatiently fold up not quite dry washing !  …create quite an aura around yourself in the office you will…Eugh

So there’s techy things waiting… for me to learn greek, there’s domestic things waiting for all sorts of things…woah!

BUT the light is in sight! didn’t think I would JUST moan at you…

My translator is back!  I came down this morning to 9 lost e-mails turned up…oh bliss joy and sad sight of grown woman kissing computer screen

The (Final?) gas fitter visit is Wed…let the cooking resume

Slow and slower soon to be zip zip zip?  We’ll see next week.

AND I’m off for a trip to Cambridge (ah the dreamy spires) today with my wee man (an affectionate term, he’s actually nearly 15 and taller than me, as he likes to say often) for his annual pre back to school wardrobe renewal.  He loves this shopping trip.  They don’t wear school uniform at his school so it’s a really enjoyable shopping trip for both of us. No reluctant grey trouser or ‘smart’ shoe purchases.  Time with my wee man, lunch in a cafe and soul feeding architecture….nice

I’m even at peace with still not knowing my way round the one way system (all roads lead to dead ends or the bus station…really they’s a maze) so it has on occasion taken me an hour or so to get out.

Right. I’m off….if I don’t post soon send a search party to the Cambridge one way sytem.

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