The dusting fish!


My wee man has been helping out this summer.  Doing jobs to boost his pocket money…good lad!

I love the help but miles better than that by far, is hearing about how he sees things.  Take the dusting fish for example.   He says dusting turns him into a fish.  Pardon?

You know the memory and attention span of a goldfish is a bit limited, (think Nemo).

Well“, he says, “when I dust I manage to stay with it for about 30 seconds before I forget entirely what I’m doing and am strangely drawn to do something else, maybe play with the playstation I’m dusting, go and get a drink, sit down and watch the TV that I’m dusting, or even just  stare blankly out of the window into the garden”.

Other jobs don’t get him that way so’s dusting that’s the killer.

The dusting fish…hilarious!

I have learned though if you’re hiring a fish to do your dusting, never do it on an hourly rate….price for the job.

Then there’s 3D hoovering.  When I pointed out the cobwebs high up in our ceilings that needed some attention it was obvious to him that the job that needed doing was 3D hoovering.

Dusting fish and 3D hoovering….I love it!

A free and creative soul at play during the housework…absolutely marvelous.

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