Watched over

Cambridge looked after us very well indeed.

We left home with the rain thundering down and arrived in Cambridge with the skies clearing and the sun peeking out.  It rained when we were sitting snug in a cafe and stopped when we went out and then began again after we got in the car to go home.  We made it out of Cambridge in a record 6 minutes, (over an hour being the most lost we’ve been) with only one wrong turn and one visit to the bus station. A lost car driving round the bus station is quite imtimidating…they’re huge!

Whilst there we successfully shopped till we…. found another cafe.  My wee man was very pleased….got two pairs of jeans, one is raw denim..have you heard of that?

Plan is you don’t wash them for ages

(“How long?” I asked in a tone of voice high enough to display my horror.)

The longer you leave them unwashed the better they are!


There was talk of Febreze (sort of air freshener spray for fabrics)

(yeech, would the chemical smell be worse I wonder and suggest an essential oil blend instead, no he said, in the ultimate irony, that might ‘damage’ them ).

And wiping, if really necessary, but how it’s really all worth it when you end up with your own individually crafted work of art. A sandpapered bit here, a proudly earned skateboarding bail hole there.(Maybe this could be his gcse art project? )

Why this all works better if they’re not washed is not yet in my grasp. On reflection I’m more and more sure of my theory that this is a big joke contrived for the amusement of teenagers and retailers. They’re pulling it off with such good poker faces…I’ll go with it for a while but whether I’ll last the 6 months (yes!  Eugh!) suggested, let alone the 8 months to beat the record of the guy in the shop, remains to be seen.

My wee man got other things needed for going back to school in September, bag, shoes, keyring and more…and was very very pleased with them all.

My mind is not so much on the shopping at this point but on anibacterial essential oils, room sprays with maybe lavender, possibly rosemary oil.

Yes it’ll be alright.

And me…yes I got some things too…stationery.  You’ve got to love stationery.  Especially filing things…Paperchase files oh bliss.  With all my new e-projects I’m bursting right out of my files, paper piles everywhere, but no more, all sorted beautifully, while I sit with my new Hobbs green silk ballet wrap top, less than half price in the sale.

Gorgeous, organised and with strategies in place for bacterial warfare….hmm yes…a good day.

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