Brick wall stuck or ebb and flow


Is this a brick wall I see before me?

Does this ‘nothing coming’ mean I’m brick wall stuck? Am I in fear or just ripening nicely and in need of acceptance.

Acceptance that energy, ideas, progress, will ebb and flow.

We don’t give the moon a hard time for waxing and waning, in fact many are transfixed by it’s rhythm. I think it’s absolutely beautiful.

So there will be days when we’re building up to something but it’s not time yet.  It’s not yet full, ripe, ready for picking.

Yet knowing this I can still forget, lose my sense of rhythm and give myself a hard time.  Come on, get on with it!  Produce something!

So much stress to be had by impatience with that natural process.  So much paralysis brought on by the worrying about it.

The thing to discern then…..when to push through because it’s fear standing in the way of progress and when to allow the time for ripening.  How to put your soul in charge, trusting it knows the difference.

I sometimes only know which it was, after I’m unstuck and can see in retrospect what was in the way. Taking a minute to consider it afterwards, (rather than just breathing a sigh of relief and getting on with it) really helps me see patterns and rhythms and needs.  A much clearer picture of what’s likely to stop me in my tracks like a brick wall, and so better equip me to notice while I’m in the middle of it next time.

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