Fresh perspective

freshperspectiveI was blogging on the other day about how do you remember your soul in times when everything’s going horribly wrong, (see 17th September post Take a Minute).

I wondered, when things are going wrong and you’re tense and it’s easiest just to allow yourself to react, and much, much harder to take a minute or even a second’s pause to bring in the wiser perspective of your soul, what do you do?

Would it help to have a sort of emergency soul cupboard, with things that you could go to at the drop of a hat, that would divert you for that crucial minute before you react.

Gaze at the sky, or a picture of the sky was my thing and later  Rosamonde offered her picture of a tree… most gorgeous.

Now Carla has offered her perspective for occasions when there’s the chance to put a bit more time between now and a decision.  You can hear more from Carla at her blog .  She says

“I like to drive home on a different road and take in a new sight.  Taking a moment to see my way home from a different angle.  The same thing applies to sitting at a different spot at the dinner table, sleeping in your extra bedroom, if you have one, one night, letting someone else drive your car or spontaneously inviting someone you barely know over for supper.  Anything that brings a fresh perspective.”

It begs the question for me of how often do I try to see things from other perspectives before deciding about them. I’m mulling on that one now.

The picture is of The Eiffel Tower.  Just not from the usual perspective.

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