Not just swimming


This is not just swimming.  This is Practical Soul swimming!  (My blog used to be called the practical soul). Here’s how it goes.

I’m thinking to myself ….oh busy busy, shall I swim or meditate…swim or meditate?  Swim – 50 lengths. (But I really want to meditate as well?).

As I got going, I realised I could make the swimming meditative.  I started to breath out with every forward stroke (doing sidestroke).

At the same time as breathing out, I said to myself the number of the lap that I was swimming, from one up to 50.

Oh nice.  Got into a lovely flowing rhythm, managed to gently bring myself back to the rhythm and my breath whenever I realised thoughts had come into focus and on the whole remained in a wonderful, protected, peaceful, rhythmic place for 45 minutes while my body exercised.  I felt truly and fully restored to peace.

That on it’s own would have been wonderful, meditation and exercise combined, real Practical Soul stuff.

But that wasn’t all.  Another unexpected and extremely welcome bonus, was that all the issues of the day that had been swarming in wanting attention, which I’d noticed but then let go during the swim, had prioritised themselves and were waiting for me in the shower.  So as I was finished in restore and refresh mode and was ready for thinking and action mode, there they were, ready for me to pick up and attend to but with all the piffly non issues gone, …just the important ones for today, nice and clear.

I’ll often postpone time for myself or exercise or meditation till I’ve done the thinking and sorted things out.  I like this way much better.  It’s like having an assistant sit at the side of the pool skimming off all your thoughts, concerns, issues to address and taking them off, sorting out what’s important for you and will therefore get your time and attention.  Excellent assistant the soul.  Just needs some peace to work in.

Take your soul to swim, get out of its way and bingo…we have ease of living!

Exercise, restoring of peace AND priorities for the day sorted, all with ease….now that cannot be called just swimming.  That’s Practical Soul swimming!

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