Take a minute

takeaminuteI was gazing at the sky for a minute or two yesterday, (this is real live Hertfordshire sky you’re looking at here). There’s a shoulders down moment if you need one.

And it occurred to me that it might be nice to gather together things you can purposefully do in those moments when you’ve lost the plot, are about to make a decision or do something you might later regret and would very much like to regain connection to your soul, the wise part of you that takes decisions you can live happily with for a very long time.

This is different from the general list of soul food that you can just dip into at random to keep the connection active and your levels nicely topped up.  This is more like Emergency Soul.  How do I remember my soul when things are going wrong and I’m most likely to act in haste and in anger?

By Taking a minute…that’s what and dipping into your favourite ‘take a minute’ file.  If you have a special thing that you have ready that work for you when you take that minute, things that half your tension, lower your shoulders, ease your brow and alter your decisions then marvelous!

Why not start your Emergency Soul file?  Have my ‘Gazing at the sky’ if you like it.  I particularly like it as a whole screen for days when the real sky isn’t doing what you like or you’re office has no windows (eugh).

There’s a website I’ve visited where taking a minute is all sorted out for you www.just-a-minute.org and I’ve been asked to do some practical soul style ones too…It’s on my list.

Let me know what’s in your ‘Take a minute’ files

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