Time Off

timeoffWanting to bloom again, I’ve been attempting to give myself some time off, a bit of a daytime retreat.  To properly unwind, doodle a bit, paint a bit, journal a bit, read a bit,  play around with digital cameras (and decide if I want one so I can post my very own rather than stock images on the occasions when that might suit better).  All sounds great.  And I was looking forward to it.  School has started again so I can be more sure of getting the time uninterrupted.

But my mind would not be still, thoughts and things to be done were swarming me.  My normal coping strategy for overwhelm, of writing ‘it’ down with a time when ‘it’ would be done and then getting back to relaxing, wasn’t working either.

Something different was being called for. I’ve been all action and little planning lately and had no idea whether all the things I want to do, consistent writing, regular meditation and exercise (and swarms and swarms more) were going to fit in and I was getting quite anxious about it.

So, on Wednesday, I did two things which have succesfully stilled my mind and calmed me greatly.

First I re-organised.

I got really clear about my choices and priorities and what that meant practically in order to give a rich, full quality of attention to the things I choose to do rather than squeeze them in and give them scant, rushed, barely there attention.  Oh now…that is MUCH better.

Second I went to the first evening (of six) of a course I’m doing with a very gifted teacher.

(Trisha Cripps, or her new nickname, Sister Bliss, coined on the night by Dawn because of the most blissful state we achieved).

The evening gave me

some time carved out to be still

a highly supportive group

and some fresh ways of looking at things

all of which combined to restore my calm. Bliss indeed!

It comes down to being sure I’m not letting myself fritter away time but giving it to what I’m here for, my purpose and reason for being. Quite a fundamental thing to want to be sure of.  I’ve checked now, I’m on track, all is well with how I’m intending to spend my time.

After that, everything was just easy.  Today I’ve been happily relaxing.  Digital camera playing (first blurred sunflower attempts proudly on display).

Blooming again!

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