What do you do?


Here’s Rosamonde’s ‘full tree’.

The one who you got to know close up, in yesterday’s post.

Seeing it from a distance this way, and then by contrast the close up, had me thinking about how generous trees (and lots of other flora) are with just how up close and personal they let us get without any objections.

We can stand here at a distance and stare unashamedly at them for as long as we like without embarrassing them (as far as I’m aware).

And we can get right up close and stare again, right in at the detail of their bark, their twists and turns, again no problem for the tree.

And if all this minute observation wasn’t enough sometimes we’ll touch and stroke them, even hug them. Or sit down beside them and bore the pants off them with our woes.

Generous soul’s, trees.

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