At the cinema

It used to be, that when you went to see a film at the cinema, or went to the theatre, someone with a torch would meet you at the door and show you the way to your seat. That’s maybe more than was needed as I am able to read the numbers and letters on the seats and find my own way, but once the lights have gone down and I’m in the dark, have maybe never been to this theatre before then it is quite nice to have some help to save knocking shins and tripping down up steps.

Now, if the lights have already gone down, you have to find your own way in the dark.

How much of life is like that now.  Cutbacks in pretty much all resources that support you in doing your job, in getting your crashed computer up and running again and increases in the work to do with less support.  I’m not one for reducing the challenges that stretch, stimulate and grow you but I’m certainly not for reducing the support either.

How much help, support, guidance, training is available or more importantly do we allow ourselves to ask for.  A mentor or coach, a colleague, the boss…is it OK to ask?

A friend’s young son wouldn’t go to swimming lessons and it was a mystery why for quite some time until eventually he admitted that he wouldn’t go because he couldn’t swim.  He thought he had to be able to do it already.  He felt ashamed at his lack and didn’t want to turn up and show it in public.  Quite an obstacle to getting help or learning.

How much pressure do you feel, real or imagined, to be able to do things or know the way already without any usherette (that’s what they used to be called isn’t it?) to shine a light so you can see the way.

What are you struggling with at the moment?

Wouldn’t it be nice, well more than nice, a huge relief, to have someone who wouldn’t judge your lack of knowing the way and who you could talk it through with and let some light be cast on the matter?

Who can you talk it over with?  Might be just a minute over their desk, might be a half an hour or so over a coffee or an hour on the phone with a coach, but don’t struggle on alone.

Allow yourself freedom from struggle.

If you’d like to find a coach that needn’t be a struggle either, if you e-mail me I can help you with that.

May you struggle no more today.

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