Half term


Is it half term for you too?

How’s it going?  It’s bikes and walks and unexpected brilliant sunshine (the forecast was rain all week) with us.

Bracing…the days have a great brisk, clear energy about them.

Just perfect, I find, for a preliminary autumnal life stocktake.

Lifted by the sunshine but without the sultry energy sapping heat of the summer.  A brisk air keeping thinking sharp and clear.

What proportion of your life currently, do you spend doing what you love?

Of course I think that ANY time spent doing things you don’t love is a criminal waste of time.  Unless you love being miserable then of course you’re happy but we can’t tell to look at you.

Autumn is a good thinking time.  Like in the garden, as I tidy it up ready to sleep for the winter and look at where the gaps are, what I want to put there, anything I want to remove for whatever reason what I want there instead next year. My garden I started from scratch two years ago and it’s taking shape.  In November I plan to plant a tree or two so the landscape will be quite different next year.

Same questions for the shape of life

Are there gaps?  What would I like there?

Anything I want to move, remove or change?  What do I want there instead?

I’ll feed the soil with great quantities of manure so the ground is fertile.

I’m planning some additions to my work landscape too, some new business partners, new coaching offers and a website to provide all the information about coaching.

All the information that stays still unlike on the blog where it’s new thoughts every day or so.

There’s nothing I plan to remove or do very differently…mostly additions this year and so autumn/ winter will be building and growing.

How about yours?

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