Most need it when can least afford it


It’s a very very busy week.  In the midst of it do I still hold onto my soul, let myself be quiet and still for a moment or do I abandon all that feeds me and keeps me on the rails in favour of the short term demands of the week.

It’s at times when you’re most in need that it’s hardest to fit it in.

So I thought it a good day to offer you the chance of a minute out and my sunflower to give you a focus (on the, um, blurred photograph)away from what’s rushing through your mind right now.

Save it up?  Or take it now.  Just a minute.

there’s nothing to do……

for just this minute……..

but gaze at the yellow and the way the petals are arranged round the rich centre….

and take a few deeper breaths, letting your shoulders relax….

and your body settle a little….

nothing you have to do….for just this minute.

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