Post fair fever

I’m back from the Mind Body and Soul fair this weekend infused with energy.

It was great to be out there away from the computer to actually rather than virtually meet so many people all shedding old ego driven behaviour and stepping forward listening to their souls. So wonderful, so liberating.

After working at the weekend, I had planned to have a day off today, to do little and relax.

Instead I’m wooshing about the place, sweeping through rooms cleaning and clearing out like a breath of fresh air with nothing remaining afterwards that is excess to requirements.

I’m hugely, hugely into the benefits of clutter clearing.

How’s your clutter?  Are your files, bookcases, wardrobes stuffed full of stuff you don’t use, that’s in excess of your requirements?

Just like your body at Christmas, if it’s stuffed full of food in excess to requirements.  Think how you move (if at all) after that.

Stuffed cupboards, files, bookcases, wardrobes….same effect on the way you move but without you noticing particularly.

If things are so full, so clogged up, there’s no room for fresh, exciting, invigorating things. If you’re feeling stuck, with any area of life stagnating, have a look to see what your physical clutter is like in that area.

How’s your desk drawer?  Anything in there you don’t use, haven’t used for 6 months or more.  Let it be gone. Right now.

Cast your mind’s eye over one room in your house at a time.

Where is it most in need of a good clear out?  How about taking an hour tonight to shift some stagnating stuff?

I can’t tell you how much I love shifting stuck stuff.  Do tell me about yours and what happens as a result of your clearing.

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