Rest is not idleness

restnotidleRest is not idleness, and to lie under the trees, watching the clouds floating by, is not a waste of time.

Sir John Lubbock, Naturalist

This quote has found its way to me twice in one week, once in the great ‘Higher Awareness’ daily e-mails I’m subscribed to and then on a very lovely ‘National Trust’ card I was buying for my cousins birthday on Friday.

So I’m paying attention and checking myself out….am I doing enough lying and watching the clouds floating by?

My son is great at this and he used to spend a fair bit of time encouraging me to do the same.  I think his energy for encouraging me is waning now though…..more often than not met by a long list of what I need to do before I can lie down and watch the clouds or that programme.  He’s come to know that I’m busy most of the time.

Are you busy most of the time? How long could you imagine stopping and staring at the clouds for?

I wonder how to break the ‘just keep going’ habit?

After much thought I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe this time it’s a case of ‘Just do it’

Particularly now, as we nudge over into December and for many face a time of near frenzy ……. shopping, spending, organising, cooking ahead, cooking now, card writing, house decorating, bed making for guests, and all that as well as the day job.

To save our souls during this time…..what better than a period each day of watching the clouds go by.

Can’t see it?  Just do it.

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