Happy New Year


Happy New Year!

That’s the traditional greeting.  In my Scottish days we’d not be sending you a
virtual greeting but standing on your actual doorstep along with an actual lump
of coal, some shortbread and a tall dark gent.
This really happened.  It was a gesture indicating we wished our nearest and
dearest, warm and comfortable whatsits and never to want for food and protection
in the forthcoming year.

It’s called
‘First Fittin’ (or First Footing in English).  The first time you set
foot inside your friends, neighbours and relatives houses in the new year, this
is what you’d do.  They in turn would welcome you, your gifts, well wishes, hugs
and kisses and sit down with you for a little whisky imbibing,or whatever your
tipple was.
That was how the first day (or few days) of the new year were spent.
(Full of alcohol but more importantly, full of soul).

Then consumerism arrived and we’d rush back to work, with shareholders eager to
grab the kind of spending that comes when everyones a bit more relaxed.
So…now on New years Day there’s shopping and work. No soul. Ich.

Could we stop this please?

When will we find a soulful moment now?  When will our thoughts turn to our wishes
for those close to us in the coming year?  I’m going for it this year.
No sales for me, but a New Years day spent in thought about what I wish for each
of my nearest and dearest in the coming year. What does my heart swell with when
I think of them?
There then…I have my wish for them.

Care to join me?

Don’t forget yourself.  What do you wish for yourself in the coming year?

I wish for you, that which you wish for yourself plus the courage and strength
to clear out or work through everything that stands in your way.

They’re not new years resolutions exactly, more like wishes, intentions maybe.
I find my desire to think ahead resolution style is very strong around my birthday,
(not till August), far less so now.  Having said that, I find it’s slightly
more sociable to have one or two to offer up into regular conversation about now,
rather than the proverbial slap in the face of
“No I don’t do resolutions”.
I’ve usually got one or two things on the go that I’m heading for and they work
quite well as
stand in resolutions.

Here’s a few of my current stand ins…..

Clearing up Flo’s skin.
My beautiful cat has a couple of uncomfortable little bits which I’m sure we can
work wonders with by rubbing in Aloe Vera Gel daily.

A flat(ter) stomach.
A slow weaning off of winter hibernating stomach and gently moving towards sight
of toes.  It’s not that bad, but whilst remaining soft and yielding in a womanly
way I’m going for, shall we say, a little less overlap.

Best of son emergence.
Finding the ‘interference versus welcome support’ balance in his first gcse year
and thus magically bringing out the very best there is to be had from my
(remaining happy) son.

Soul versus output balance
Actually this is a serious one.  I wrestle on with the honesty of writing when
it’s real and emerging versus the ‘daily is good’ for the search engine robots
marketing message.  I’ve sat consistently with writing only when there’s something
alive and burning to be said but still have a ‘if it’s not coming daily it’s not enough’
message running on.

We’ll see.

I can honestly, really and with no hint of conformity wish you a very

Happy New Year! (and virtual coal, shortbread and tall dark gent to you too).

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