Joshua’s wish


Merry Christmas with a happy new year!!!

have a relaxing holiday  + calm and quiet peaceful days for at least a month!!

Best wishes!!!

From Joshua xxx

This is Joshua’s Christmas wish for me and my son.  Joshua is my Godson, and he’s 10 years old today!

‘Happy Birthday Joshua’.

(I would have liked to have posted his photograph here today, so he could have appeared with his sparkling eyes alongside his sparkling wishes, however the most recent photos I have of him show him doing the cha cha slide at his birthday disco on Saturday and not only do they not show his sparkling eyes, but he wouldn’t let me post the photograph!)

Missing photo’s aside……..Do you share my high hopes for this young man?  I think I’d vote for this wee man.  I like the way Joshua thinks.  Not for him the 2 days off work we might take to cook, make beds, wrap presents and wash dishes late into the night and end up frazzled.

No no no!  We wish you “relaxing, calm, quiet and peaceful days for at least a month!

I love the way it runs rampaging through any fixed notions of how long is long enough, rips up any rule book where someone (who claims to know on behalf of us all) declares what is ‘reasonable’ and how much is too much.

The answer is now obvious…. “at least a month

I’m with Joshua on this one.  I think we do Christmas (and make lots of our life decisions) based on what we’ve done before or what seems reasonable or what’s a reasonable compromise or what will stir up the least fear in our hearts.

I’d love to let Joshua inspire you to consider afresh what you’re doing, how much money you’re spending and how much time you’re spending this Christmas.

Spending money…. To start afresh from the point where you work out how much money you can spend and still feel truly happy to be giving rather than left with a heavy heart and interest on your credit card for months.

How about working out what that figure is and then getting really creative about giving within that amount.

One family I know set a £20 limit on all gifts, another give one family gift instead of 6 individual ones, another have agreed no presents at all between some friends as it’s a greater gift to recognise what would be stressful for each other.

One year when I’d just had some contracts cancelled, I spoke to all my friends about my predicament and each one was really happy to receive gifts I’d made for them rather than have me overstretch myself. I made truffles (they were divine), aromatherapy blends specially mixed for people’s needs at the time and special biscuits for the children.  I even made the boxes and cards and my whole Christmas spend was £225, less than a quarter the normal amount.

Spending time….. to consider afresh how much time you’re spending doing all sorts of things over Christmas and what sort of state of repair that will leave you in.  How much time can you spend with the family/in laws/yourself and maintain your mental health and good spirits?

It’s different for everyone and different for each of us at different times and phases of life so only you know what the answer is. As for time off…I’m loving Joshua’s suggestion of “at least a month”.

I heard a Radio 4 programme today about a woman who’s stopped sending Christmas cards.

It made her heart sink to her boots to sit for hours writing cards to people, especially those she hadn’t seen for 25 years and she suggested that we might only be doing it so we get loads back and have a nice big visual display of how popular we are. If you want to catch up with all your friends she suggested, have a party.

I’m doing it!  No Christmas cards….Radical!  No you know why you haven’t received a card from me this year.  It’s one of the Christmas rituals I have always loved.  I set aside an evening or two, mull some wine, play some Christmas music and burn some orange and spicy oils and really get in the spirit of Christmas.  But, this year, no…when I imagine doing it my heart sinks.  We’ll see how things are next year.

They’re all just ways of crafting things to suit you rather than going the traditional route for reasons we’ve maybe even forgotten.  Have a look at whether the things you’re doing are still serving you well.

Then you can really and truly wish others a Happy Christmas and craft a really happy one for yourself.

Have a ball!

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