Too, too busy


Too busy to notice March wheegch by….  oh dear oh dear

Well, it’s done now and since we’re here, a very Happy Easter to you.

I got busy, wheegched along, and here we are. We’ve reached Easter and I haven’t written the promised update on Natural Ryhthms.  What happened there then!?

Some more new coaching clients, taking two new courses myself, exploring possible new work projects and hosting some Spanish exchange trip students were the main things taking up more of my time than usual during March.

Actually, when it’s down in writing like that, it seems hardly surprising that writing got squeezed out.  And I’ve been giving myself quite a hard time about that.. hmm…..a little better now.

Apologies then, for the missing update.

So now, the new clients continue, the courses are reaching a conclusion, all done by the end of April, new ventures explored and continuing and the Spanish students are safely back home in Spain.  Slivers of time to write are appearing again.

There is another reason why I’ve not written up the results of the Natural Rhythms experiment.  I found the results of the week to be inconclusive and rather than cobble together half a theory in order to write, when I suggested I might, I decided to clear another week and do some more research.

More research week is w/c 16th April, next week.

Last time, I tried to keep the week truly clear of appointments, but I did end up buckling under requests for coaching sessions….. and other meetings so in the end there wasn’t a day that didn’t have an appointment in it.

This time, the week is completely free and clear and I’m hoping for clear and unadulterated results coming soon. Watch this space.

You don’t actually have to watch this space, checking the blog to see whether I’ve written up the results yet, you can take advantage of the clever sign up in the right hand column of the blog and you’ll get an e-mail when there’s news.

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