Looking for peace


Are you low on peace, quiet and stillness at the moment?

Very busy working, your mind constantly occupied with problems and in great need of some restorative peace?  The usual ways of getting away from it all for a moment, not hitting the spot anymore?

I offer you this leaf to lose yourself in. It was taken in one of the greenhouses at Cambridge Botanical Gardens just after Easter and though it was a cloudy day and all the other plants around took on the grey clouded light of the day, this one seemed to be lit up from within. Now there’s something…….being illuminated when all around is grey.

I didn’t take this photo myself, credit goes to Howard for this one, and much credit for that eye to see what others may overlook and to capture it so beautifully.

If you click on the image it will bring up a larger version, all the better for appreciating the light. (since moving this blog from typepad to wordpress need to find the way to allow clicking on photographs for larger versions. Coming asap.)

Have you had a minute to lose yourself now?

Did your mind become still for a moment?

Did you get a moments peace from the problems whirring round?  If so, congratulations….there’s one moments peace. Feel free to come back anytime for as many moments as you like.  There’s some other photographs in earlier posts you might lose yourself in, stones, trees and a spectacular sunflower.

If you’re serious about having some more moments of peace there’s a myriad of other ways to get yourself a moments peace which I’ll drop in here from time to time but if you’re looking for more than just a moments peace, a longer term sustaining kind of peace as the basis for your life, but are lost as to how to get it, there are some fantastic free resources available now.

I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘A New Earth’ and way better than just reading the book, at the moment Eckhart and Oprah! are presenting a weekly web class covering the book’s content chapter by chapter and answering questions from viewers. It’s an amazing opportunity to see Eckhart without waiting for him to tour and pay to attend one of his lectures. I last saw him in London years ago and the whole hall was transfixed by him.

You have to buy the book but the web classes are free.

For the classes just go to oprah.com, click on the ‘New Earth’ tab and ‘catch up on past classes’ (the windows media version has been working well for me).  You can ‘watch it now’ or ‘download and take it with you’.

You can watch it live every Monday evening, but it’s live at a civilised US eastern time, and about 2am in the UK….maybe if you can’t sleep??? though I think you need to sign up as an oprah book club member to watch them live.

Each class lasts one and a half hours which is more than just a moment to invest, I grant you, but when I consider how easy it is to lose an hour and a half in front of the TV, it’s suddenly nothing at all and much better for my peace than indiscriminate TV one night a week.

May peace be with you..at least for a moment.

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