Ambition is not a dirty word


Could you get lost in that photograph?  Whenever I look at it I get drawn in and lose all sense of time. If you click on the image you can get a blown up version – beware…you could be in there for hours. (Working on blown up version since moved from typepad to wordpress blog…coming soon)

Anyway…..what’s that got to do with ambition.  It’s about motives.  When we’re intent upon something, when it’s something we can’t not do, when it’s something we get lost in, lose all sense of time when we’re absorbed with it…….

When something is compelling in that way for us and when our motives for being involved in it  are purely that it is something that we must do…we can’t not do it.  That’s when ambition is not a dirty word.

Today on Radio 4, thought for the day was by Rosemary Lane-Priestly, Dean of Womens’ Ministry in Central London.

She talked about how coy we are as a nation and how ambition can be viewed as deeply suspect when sitting alongside core Christian principles of humility and selflessness and yet in the US ambition is in the DNA.

I agree with her completely when she says “the fulfillment of our potential is a deeply enriching human goal and that “surely it’s not a bad thing to fully use our God given talents and gifts and to strive to be all that we can be”.

I’d go further…..I think it’s more like a criminal waste if we don’t use our talents and gifts to the full, indeed will we be fully alive if we don’t use them?

To what extent are you fully alive?

Between zero and a hundred percent?

It can be seen in your eyes when you are.  Sparkling and engaged or dull and disengaged.

What proportion of things that you spend time your time on, see you fully alive and engaged?

Let me know how alive you feel ….we can take a state of the blogosphere poll….

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