New ways of being


The sun is out and all I can see from every window is sparkling.

I had a wee wander round the garden this morning, crisp air, sunshine, wonderful stuff.

Now I’m writing away, tap tapping on my laptop, Jan Garbarek’s Officium accompanying me and matching the snow in it’s beauty.  What a gift!
I heard on the news this morning that some schools have said that it’s sending the wrong message to children to say when things get difficult it’s ok just to stay at home.
Oh weep weep.
How about just when nature has put on the most magical snow show for 18 years that you notice it and maybe even enjoy it.
I also heard two gentleman of the press debating whether the snow was a joy or a pain….as if it has to be one or the other.  As if we can’t see it’s gorgeous and find it difficult to get into work.  The man from the Telegraph conceded that London did look beautiful but asserted (to nature?) that we MUST be able to go about our daily business.
Let nature be told!

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