Still life with moving part


It’s February. ┬áIt’s still dark in the morning when I get up , I’m working, working, working and seem to have fallen into a ‘stopped noticing’ mode.

In general I mean. Stopped noticing the colour of the mangoes in the fruit bowl…the ‘mmmmm’ as I pass the bread bin and there’s fresh bread in there….that sort of thing.
The snow this week was a special event (the most snow in 18 years) and I think maybe it’s responsible for waking up the noticing again. It had me stop and look at it and love it and notice where it was sparkling and where the flat shadow light contrasted… quite grabbed me.
Back inside after snow gazing, and making some tea, I noticed the small still life picture I have above my bread bin (it’s been there all the time) and then noticed how much like it my actual fruit bowl was and thought…mmmmm I’d like to have a photograph of that.
Aha! The noticing is back.
A warm welcome back for the noticing…celebrate with a photograph…
My cat, Flo, decided at that moment to get in on the noticing thing so my still life has a moving part.
Happy February.

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