Unconscious riches

unconsciousrichesI’m always happy, more than happy, more like delirious to find things that really work for helping peel off the layers masking the real, exuberant person sitting inside.
To understand what’s unconscious and have that understanding dissolve away anything that’s standing in the way of (what a client today described as) that ‘ooooooooooo’ feeling (need for video to get the full effect….if you could have seen her you’d have immediately dropped everything and committed yourself to the pursuit of ‘ooooo’).
So, here it is….another thing that really works. A thorough, (and so a tad lengthy, but worth it) method of dream analysis in Martha Beck’s book Steering by Starlight. ¬†Chapter five is the one you want.
I’ve done lots, really lots, of dream analysis, in lots of different ways;

Someone telling me what the symbols mean and me humming and hawing about whether that feels right for me.

Someone helping me talk it through and asking me what I think the things in my dream mean

Someone helping me ask questions of the things in my dreams to find what they mean

And other variations of these

Martha Beck won’t try to tell you what things mean, nor get you to ask them what they mean, she gets you right in there becoming them so you feel it from the inside what they mean…….oh mmmmmm, mmmmmmm……good stuff.
If you’re taking the half term holiday’s off and fancy a bit of reflection into your deeper parts this could be just the thing.
PS. The photo…….well, ok I didn’t pick it out for its dreaminess, I just like it…..and I do think the sky is a bit dreamy. ¬†And who’s never had trees as symbols in their dreams.

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