Development got fruity, well mainly veggie


Personal Development for me doesn’t come in the form of an annual course, it’s a daily event.

It’s lifelong and means that I always have (or am only a few hours away from having) my eye on what’s working and not working for me and for what I’m doing with other people.
If I stop giving it attention for any length of time I get a bit slow and stuck, tired and lifeless without knowing why. Then I remember, get right back in there and wellness resumes.
Over the years the murk and stuck spots I’ve been working through have slowly, really really slowly, been changing density.
There was a time, way back in the time of young murk, when it felt like cold hard soil in the winter that I was working my way through.  It took herculean efforts for very little movement.
But as with hard clay soil the more it’s worked and the more rich manure dug in, the better an environment it becomes for things to grow and flourish.
This year I’m having a series of ‘transformative coaching’ sessions with the most beautiful hearted Moriah. (Transformative by name and nature).
Each session we work with what Moriah intuitively senses needs attention for my development and each time it’s just bang on.And, here’s where the big change is, and the veggies.
It’s not feeling at all dense.
In fact today, as I was trying to describe how it felt, I saw it as a layered salad.  One of those beautiful brightly coloured salads in a glass bowl.
(There actually was no meat, eggs or cheese in my vision but the great photo I found like that was priced at £430 which I thought was a little ott, despite my joy at having this uplifting vision)
A layered salad!  I ask you….not some dark and poetic vision of deepest inner wrestling but a layered salad.  This is cracking me up. So funny.  I love it when these visions arrive…often dark, always illustrative….this one is such a surprise.
All vibrant, alive, healthy, very loosely layered, you can breath easily in there and move your arms and Moriah has me on a string, not a rope to drag me out, just a string so I know which way is up and don’t go tunneling back downwards.
I’m delighted.  Development has never felt so good.  That’s not to say there isn’t all the usual wailing and moaning and gnashing of teeth, but it’s just lighter, not so much effort needed for movement.
I couldn’t be happier, it seems that my time underground may be done.

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