Books overclog

The clutter had reached a clogging point, jamming things up and slowing things down, but not in a good way.

You wouldn’t think so. If you walked in, you’d probably think all was orderly, cared for, interesting books around the place, nice.

I dip into and find fascination and stimulation in many books at a time.

I do love them.  I have them everywhere, on this table, on that, beside the bed, in the kitchen, bathroom, on the windowsills, in the office and in three bookcases.

Visually not too clogged, mentally, well into overclog.

So today, steps were taken;

1. Clearing

Fiction, out 39

Non-fiction, out 65

Fiction, stay of execution while I decided 36

Non-fiction stay of execution while I decide 31

2. New rule to try.  Only one fiction and one non-fiction book on the go at any time, the others on a shelf knowing their time will come but it’s not now.

3. New reading spot ….put chair on landing…..oh snug

4. New experiment.  Reading time booked in, not snatched time.  5.30-6.30 on non-client days and 7-8 on client days

Now.  Good.  Let the easier breaths and pleasure in reading resume.

Ernest Hemingway first with ‘A Moveable Feast’, it’s about his time living in Paris and writing in cafe’s all day. We’re going to Paris soon and I’m soaking up an advance dose of Parisian-ness.

Nancy Kline alongside with ‘Time to Think’.  Nancy has such a beautiful heart and beautiful nature.

” Listening this way” (from the back cover),” is a radical act”.

This way of thinking, way of working together where time to think is not just allowed but it’s facilitated.

What a difference to corporate days and results and health this could make.

All that pleasure and a new reading spot too.

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