What did you do during the recession, Daddy?


The sun is setting on M.P.’s expenses as they currently know them.

The opportunity to live with integrity has landed on them from a great height.

Rohan Candappa takes a light look at the affair.

How can I concentrate on my constituents when my moat is such a mess?

I followed the rules
I did nothing wrong
But the system must change
That’s my new song

And I know it looks dodgy
That can’t be denied
That my main home isn’t
Where my family reside

Yes I did claim for the pool
Plus a garden of manure
But you need somewhere to relax
When you’ve been fighting for the poor

The moat it looked terrible
All clogged up with weeds
It stopped me from sorting
My constituents needs

Everyone was at it
It was all there for free
Just one of the perks
Of being an M.P.

In retrospect my problem
Is that I misunderstood
When the Speaker shouted ‘Order! Order!’
I ordered all that I could

Of course I am sorry
We all are, no doubt
We’re all really sorry
That the details came out

Time to clean up The House
Though renovations take dosh
But we’re not really worried
We can claim for whitewash

Taken from ‘What did you do during the recession, Daddy? – A collection of light verse for these heavy times’ by R.L.Candappa

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