The week I put my body in charge. Another go.

I’m giving it another go.

I’m working on time at the moment.

You know…why do I wrestle so with the untamable beast that is the number of hours in the day? Attempting to go where no-one has gone before and manufacture a few more. Aware all the while of the ‘time is an illusion’ theory but not being satisfied with the theory and needing to experience its meaning in my world before it can be of any use to me.

I was taking a teleclass last night with Waverly Fitzgerald and the wonderful Havi Brooks about ‘slow time’ and how we don’t really adjust our patterns or hours worked according to the seasons and our natural rhythms and it reminded me about the week I put my body in charge in an attempt to see if a week would be long enough to unearth my natural rhythms. I dug out the post about it and found it was in February 2007!!  Blinkin blinkin……

OVER 2 years ago!  Oh no.That would not do.

That was the last time I had the chance of a week largely uninfluenced by anyone else where my own rhythms could have their merry way and I’d decided to let them go for it.  The results at the time were inconclusive and I also cut the week short and caved in to a client request for  a session which meant getting up with the alarm. So no life changing research at that time.

Another week off

I need at least a week off to do this and haven’t really had one where I’m not including other people’s needs and altering things according to them; mealtimes, sleeping patterns etc.

Well, this week was meant to be a holiday with my gentlemanfriend but we decided not to take it so he could attend a course which may well change his life…worth doing we decided.

Soooooo…..the upshot is I DO have a week where to a large extent I have no need to accommodate other people’s rhythms and my own may be allowed another chance to say their piece!

Forgive me the exclamation mark but it’s been two years waiting for this chance, and I think that it’s a worthy occasion.

I checked what I said last time (see post below) to see if I’d make any changes now but it seems I’ve changed little in this respect over the last two and a half years so the experiment remains the same.

I do have a guru this time. This is Flo, my cat, who knows more about natural rhythms than anyone I know.

She doesn’t have to pay the mortgage and make dinner however, so I realise I’ll need to adapt what I learn from her.

Flo, natural rhythms guru

Flo, natural rhythms guru

The week I put my body in charge

by PAULINE on FEBRUARY 12 TH, 2007


This is the week!

It’s the week I’m putting my body in charge.  I’d like to hear what it has to say about how I’m living my life and what it would do differently given the chance.  Now it has its chance.

I’m imagining it’ll have some things to say about the amount of sleeping, eating, resting, exercising and sitting quietly I do and I’m open to hearing from it on any other topics as well.

I’m looking to uncover my natural rhythms and see how close to or far away from my adopted habits they are.

The ways my body will be in charge

I’m going to go to sleep when my body tells me I’m tired, rather than stay up and socialise or finish e-mails

I’m going to allow my body to wake up naturally in the morning when it’s had enough sleep rather than set an alarm

I’m going to eat when my body tells me it’s hungry rather than when it’s lunchtime or others have arrived to join me

Exercise is a bit different for me as I don’t believe I’ve ever received a signal from my body telling me it would like to exercise.  With this one I’m going to do what I had planned and watch closely for signs.  Signs of ease telling me it’s OK to keep going and signs of distress telling me to slow down or stop.

I tend to get frazzled if I don’t take enough time quietly on my own, either reading, thinking about a client or meditating. I’ll watch for signs of frazzle and whether it’s due to lack of quiet.

There’s other things I know contribute hugely to the wellbeing of my soul and I’ll keep an eye on those too

Order, beauty and good smells in my home (I work here too so doubly important)

Also a
balance of stillness and movement

Pleasure and fun, I can tip over into work, work, work, very easily and become dull without noticing

Talking of pleasure,  I drink wine (one – three glasses) and coffee (one cup) most days and plan to continue with these pleasures.  They are for pure pleasure and not imbibed in order to get my body to do things it wouldn’t do without them, like wind down or stay awake so I can drive or finish a piece of work.  I know they’ll have an impact on my rhythms and I’m going to accept that distortion.

So….I’ve begun, my body is in charge and I’m listening.

I’ll note down what it asks for and how far that is from what I’d have done.  I hope it’s not too far!

Join with me?

If by chance you have a week when you can configure your time as you will, do join me.

Or maybe you can’t right now but plan to soon.

It would be great to hear from a wide range of people about how close you are to your natural rhythms and whether much change would be needed in your life to accommodate them longer term. Maybe leave a note in the comments below.

I’ll report the findings early next week.

Now…time for wine…..