The Pleasure Report. Week 5. The mysterious terrain edition.


This, week 5….

The pleasure

Twenty four points. That stood out enough in my memory to make it onto the list of pleasure recalled this week. Fifteen last week.

A selection of the pleasure

Life and work as a mystery tour over very mysterious terrain

This has been an insanely mysterious and wonderful week.

Business plans for 2010. Not usually a subject filled with enjoyment.

This year I’ve been using Hiro Boga’s meditative style exercise that helps you take a look at the future of your business.

The meditative insights I’ve been getting are glorious. And the leads I got to follow up over very mysterious terrain this week have been so. much. fun.

I’m groping for punctuation fit to demonstrate the joy of it 🙂

I’ll go with the excrutiatingly risky strategy of sharing some of the Questions asked and the Answers that I got (in the shape of visions).

Here’s a few.

You have to promise not to call for white coated people to come and administer drugs help me. I’m fine, really.

So here we go, some questions from the business 2010 exercise.

Q. Where should I be talking to future clients?

A. In my minds eye, I see the tree that’s outside my house exactly as it is in reality. It normally has 3 or 4 birds in it. In this vision there are hundreds of birds all tweeting away. Ah….twitter…

Ok good, next question.

Q. Who are my business allies?

A. In my minds eye, I see big soft shapes, with a really soft texture, like a baby’s soft toy.


Oh hang on I think I recognise you…are you the Moomins. Awe I love the Moomins.

And I love the woman who re-introduced me to them a couple of years back. Is it her, is she a business ally?

Or am I to re-read the books? Maybe read The Summer Book by the same author Tove Jaanson, which I also love?

There’s no more in response to these questions so I decide to read the books again and see where that takes me. I read them at the weekend and what a blanket of comfort swept over me and I got it.

Comfort is my business ally.

When I feel comforted and at ease like this, I work very well, my compassion knows no bounds, everyone around me feels it, and all is well with the world.

Q. What are the most important qualities of my business?

A. Minds eye vision again of………….Jimi Hendrix.

This time really HUH? I sit with crinkled brow as my eyes scan skyward to the left and right, looking for more clues.

It’s too long a story to reach the conclusion of this one here in a blog post but ask me if you’re interested..there was a conclusion.

There were lots more. All equally inspiring, stimulating AND entertaining to me…… there’s not space for them all here but you get the drift.

How much fun is that for business planning.

BIG choices in favour of feeling alive

A client called this week to tell me about a BIG choice made. A life changing choice.

It means coming alive in a big way. WOW.

Two lino cuts and a print.

My bathroom has black and white tiles which I object to for many reasons and which remain on my list to replace when I get that far down the list.

In the meantime I’ve discovered white orchids soften the whole room to the point where I can just about think it’s a pleasure to be in there.

The downstairs loo has the same tiles and I the same objections and they too were on the list.

As a present my gentlemanfriend made me a lino cut of my cat (it’s not actually her but we tell her it is) in an off white and soft black.

It sounds really naff but it’s really, really good. Talent. That man has talent.

The similarity of the colours but softness of the black and white in the linocut have worked wonders. Wonders I tell you.

The Pain

Eight points this week. Nine last week.

A selection of the pain.

I’m pretty much a healthy specimin. I am rarely ill, never get headaches nor other assorted pains…just doesn’t happen.

This week I had a literal pain in the neck for about three days.

Wasn’t noticeable when I woke but grew to be very, very noticeable throughout the day.

To the point where I couldn’t sit up straight or lean forward without me shouting at it (as if it could hear me).

If I laid back on the sofa, supported by cushions, it was as if it didn’t exist.

It gradually went. But without letting me in on what the problem was.

Had I slept in an awkward position, was there a metaphoric pain in the neck I needed to deal with.


It’s a little worrying as for me by the time something turns up as a physical symptom, I know it must be pretty bad.

It must have gone through all the usual routes to draw my attention to its distress and I’ve not heard.

So it has to go and disable me in a small way for me before I’ll pay attention. Eech.

Measurement of pleasure

This has become a pain.

I’m resisting measuring the year of pleasure.

I’m already aware of one reason for this.

The plain incompatibility between the complex beauty of the nature of pleasure and the somewhat reductive nature of a score out of ten.

I’ve remembered another, historic, reason that could be holding my resistance frim.

The main reason, or only reason in some cases, for measuring, is to justify the existence of the thing or hold someone accountable for results.

Since I’m already taking pleasure as a given there’s no need for justification and since there are no required results…..good. Enough said.

There is another reason why I might be resisting.

Another reason for measuring can be to prove who is best or who is the winner.

And since I don’t care about either of those, or as Jo puts it “I don’t have a competitive bone in my body, it becomes a time consuming, boring and pointless administrative task.

Cue Dalek voice for pointless administrative task. “Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate.”

Pain I’ll do something about

Not enough comfort could have something to do with the pain in my neck.

Or maybe I need to move a bit more so the muscle tension doesn’t accumulate.

So. OK. Sitting on the sofa supported by cushions more than I have been doing.


I’ll try that.

That is going to take some explaining. So it’s understood, why my phone is off and I’m unavailable for lifts and getting things and doing anything that involves getting off the sofa. For the time that I’m on the sofa.

Maybe it needs to be a set regular time. We’ll see.

Respect for sofa time would be a great start. Maybe I could build up to being waited on hand and foot.

Or maybe it’s that I need to move more…… I’ll give that some thought while I’m sitting on the sofa.

All in all

A fantastic mystery touring week.

How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about.

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