The Pleasure Report. Week 6. Heat of the sun edition.

Heat of the sun.

After the Miracles of February, just 5 weeks into The Year of Pleasure, I’m more than happy with the results of paying attention to pleasure.

I also think it’s established a groove for itself now, enough of a groove so it wouldn’t be knocked off course by introducing another theme.

Pleasure will stay, of course, for the year…a year of pleasure without pleasure wouldn’t be quite right.

But related themes. Ones that keep coming up for me that seem very attached to pleasure.

For March, the theme I’d like to unravel alongside pleasure is wisdom.

As well as pleasure and pain, I’ll be letting my gaze settle on wisdom each week during March, asking some questions and probably being pleasantly or even outrageously surprised by what comes up.

Maybe questions like


What are you?

How do I get you?

Do you and pleasure hit the bars together often and can I come?

On with this, week 6………..

The Pleasure

Twenty six points this week. Twenty four last week.

A selection of the pleasure

The heat of the sun

I hadn’t realised how much I’d missed the heat of the sun. The rich, vibrant and intense shades of red when I close my eyes and let the sun warm me.

Feeling the heat of the sun this week was glorious.

And it was on Tuesday, this Tuesday, the 2nd March!

I was working outside. Sitting on the bench, in the garden, thinking.


(The photo above is the spot I sat in this week but it was taken last May)

Vision of workplace loveliness

Without asking for it, I’ve been having little flashes of a vision of me working somewhere. Somewhere that’s not here.

I’m committed to staying here to see my wee man right through school.

He finishes school this summer and whilst I’m not about to up sticks immediately, there isn’t anything else tying me to where I currently live so a move would be possible.

I know the vision is in the future as I’ve definitely dropped a dress size.

In this vision I’m gorgeous and look very happy. I think I must have a new hairdresser too, as my hair is behaving itself.

I’m walking to work, in a very spirited and perky way, along a beautiful street in a pedestrianised city centre, past a cathedral and into a beautiful old building with an enclosed spiral staircase with crumbling old walls restored really well and painted white. Think Shakespeare.

It could be York or Canterbury? Maybe Bath.

It could be a project and I’m walking there from a hotel close by. It might not mean a move at all, but it felt more permanent than a project.

Wherever it is, it’s a glorious and compelling vision.

I’m really happy just enjoying the vision for now, but if any of you have an opportunity coming up in a lovely city that you’ve been thinking about exploring with me……..,

Let’s talk soon.

I look very happy in the vision so I’m fairly sure I’ll jump at it.


We’ve been researching Universities and subjects lately for my wee man (affectionate term, he’s 18 and 6ft 2) as he finishes his A levels this summer (all things being well).

He wants to take a year out and then go on to University.

One of the subjects he’s been looking at is Philosophy.

Listen to this from one philosophy course description

“such diverse phenomena as language, science, social science, politics, law, morality, religion, mathematics, art, literature and education”

I want to do this!

If he does decide on that then I can visit him way more than he anticipated and get my Philosophy degree vicariously through him and if not….well ……I might just have to go and do it myself anyway.

Now there’s a thought.

The Pain

Fourteen points this week. Eight last week.

Fourteen is way more than the average and there was also one particular whopper. I’m not talking about the whopper yet.

A selection of the pain

An indecisive cat.

Something’s up with my cat this week.

She wants to go out. She wants to come in. She wants to go out again immediately. She wants to come in again after a minute.

She sits on my legs peering round the side of my laptop competing for my attention.

And she has a lot to say. Not soft, gentle little miaow’s either but big scrauky complaints.

I feel for her, and I do listen.

The problem is, she isn’t giving me a minute’s peace. No time to think.

Cold feet.

Literal rather than metaphorical.

One of my most frequently enjoyed pleasures is being warm.

If I’m wrapped up, have a cup of earl grey tea in my hand and there are no draughts I’m usually very happy indeed.

It’s especially lovely if I get the glow.

My ears, and there’s a place in the centre of my upper back tend to be the glowing hotspots. Heaven.

This week, not only was there no glow, but for a good few hours one day, no matter the blankets and socks and feet flexing, warm feet evaded me.

Pain I’ll do something about.

This is to do with the whopper. The whopper I’m not talking about yet.

Things were done.

There was accompanying wailing and gnashing of teeth all round, but things were done.

All in all

It’s been a no peace in the moment but the future’s looking great kind of week.

How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?

Your thoughts on wisdom?

What is it for you? Where do you get it? Does it relate to pleasure in some way for you?

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