The Pleasure report. Week 7. The ravishing questions edition.

Straight into this, week 7……..

The Pleasure

Twenty four points this week. Twenty six last week.

A selection of the pleasure

Cashmere warm

Being warm is one of my most loved pleasures. It’s been on my list every single week. That and tea. And combined Ah!

That doesn’t make me a cheap date though.

Cashmere warm is my favourite kind of warm.

When I’m reading or writing in one of my spots (which has a window behind my head) and realise my neck is cold, instant pashmina warmth is nothing short of sublime.

How does something so soft and light produce such a glow of heat! (Yes that is rhetorical).

Being led places by ideas coming out of the blue

I find myself rummaging in my old Roffey Park MSc folder looking for contact details of the tutors.

I’ve lost contact and have a sense that I’d like enjoy hanging round with them if they’re on twitter. I look and they’re not, so I think that’s that…just a dead end.

Then a day later I have an idea that I might link with a business school to do some ‘pleasure in business’ research or find out whether ‘pleasure in business’ might become an experimental short workshop in the management development MSc programme.

Then I remember that someone who I used to dance 5 rhythms with moved to Sussex to join Roffey Park and I look up the site and there she is.

I love the flow of that, the ease and grace of that, of ideas and thoughts ‘coming’ to you.

It’s a pleasure..really a pleasure.

All comments. And ravishing questions.

This is the best way for my contemplative introvert to engage in conversation.

Where the question is posed and my mind is instantly all over it.

And I have time to dance with it and dance with it.

And let all the thoughts in relation to it out, to be seen and explored,  be surprised by and relished.

And then, only then, taking the relished thoughts back for more sharing.

That’s the word….ravishing.

The Pain

Four points this week. Fourteen points last week.

The sense of rush

The sense that there’s more I want to do than I have time to do without rushing.

To rush things and, in the rushing, not enjoy them.

Or worse still,  not even notice them.

That’s what makes an unlived life and a tense stomach.

And the irony that one of the things I want very badly in that moment, is to be still.

To have a sense of rush in being still.

“Can’t you hurry that up a bit.   5 minutes!   Well maybe 3, that’s all you have time for, now you need to get on with things”.

The pain I did something about

The sense of rush.

I melted it by breathing.

I gave myself permission to be still for as long as I needed, even if it did turn out to be hours.

I took deep breaths till the jabbering about doing such a radical thing subsided.

Then I lay still and enjoyed every minute of it.

I needed 20 minutes. It was sooo good.

All in all

Simplicity and ease have been the main threads this week.

I wanted to look at wisdom and have been handed it.

In the form of clarity over what’s unnecessary.

Unnecessary to have, unnecessary to do.

This is the form of wisdom that has made its way to me.

That’s been a pleasure for sure.

How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?

Your thoughts on wisdom or actual wisdom that landed in your lap this week?

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