The Pleasure Report. Week 9. The short but strained edition.

This week has been unique so far in the year of pleasure.

The number of things that were not a pleasure was more than those that were a pleasure.

Pleasure 18, pain 19. Oof.

Seriously off balance.

Nancy Kline, the author of Time to Think, talks about an ideal environment having a five to one ratio of appreciation to criticism.

Every week since I’ve been paying attention, there has been more pleasure than pain in my life.

I’ve just checked and the ratio tends to be 2.5 : 1

One week it was 6:1. Woo hoo…happy week.

This week it was 1:1, with the prevailing climate heading towards strained.

I’m not happy with strained as my prevailing climate.

I’d like it looking more like this :

For the most part it’s a pleasure to be here, we enjoy things, we like each other, enjoy each others company and are engaged in absorbing things that we are appreciated for.

(I work from home and so for that part I am ‘each other’ and am for the most part happy with my own company).

How many businesses do you know that have that (pleasure) as the prevailing climate?

Just thinking about having that environment in a workplace makes my shoulders collapse in relief and my eyes roll heavenward with the yearning for it.

Do you know places that have that, households that have that?

Tell me about them.

And for yourself, have you an idea what your pleasure to pain ratio is? And how would you describe your prevailing climate at home and at work?

I’m almost tempted to stop there this week. It seems enough to do, just to look at ratios and climate…quite enough.

In fact, the more I think about it, that’s what I’d like to do.

I’d like to stay with thoughts of ratios and climate and not go dragging off into reporting examples of pleasure and pain for the sake of it while my mind lags behind at the back trying to look like it’s paying attention.

If that is frustrating beyond measure, e-mail me or let me know in the comments and I’ll dish up some pleasure and pain examples.

For now though I’d love to hear…

What are your ratios of pleasure to pain? Can you imagine reaching 5:1?

What’s your prevailing climate like this week and generally?

Do you know examples of businesses or households who have it how you’d like it? How are they doing that?

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