The Pleasure Report. Week 10. The life upside down edition.

straight into this remarkably different from last week, week 10…..

The Pleasure

Thirty eight points this week. Eighteen last week.

That’s more than double. Did someone put something in the water?

A selection of the pleasure

Thoreau blows my mind wide open

My wee man finishes school this summer and that opens up a world of possibilities for us.

For a start, we could live anywhere we want as we’re not tied to this area for school anymore.

But I was still thinking traditional until I read Henry David Thoreau‘s ‘Where I lived, and what I lived for’.

Have you read it? Much simplicity. And I’m a very big fan of simplicity.

Reading it, my mind seemingly underwent a radical opening up, no longer constrained by ways of living I’d previously experienced or was aware of. So very free, very hopeful and very spirited. Zingy.

Thoughtful wee man

My son went out to the shop this week to get a drink and when he came back he put a bar of chocolate on my desk and said he’d bought me a present.

How sweet. Thinking of others. Awe.

Sympatico blogger

I found slow love life.

And it’s full of the pleasures, and of taking the time to appreciate them.

Oh happy happy happy.

The Pain

Four points this week. Nineteen last week.

And that makes the pleasure pain ratio this week 9:1.

Wow. Last week I couldn’t imagine reaching the Nancy Kline good ratio of 5:1.

There’s a lot of hope and new beginnings in the air.

It’s permeating everything and maybe neutralising some of the pain so it just doesn’t register?


Computer software bleh

I don’t know why I expect to be able to use software without learning how but I do.

And when I can’t it bothers me somewhat disproportionately.

Something to do with general feelings of lack of support, help or caring at all about customers and expecting you to spend a day lost in the ‘help’ section, which is no help at all. Or call India and be taken through a script which has only the vaguest connection with what your problem is. Oh swear, swear, swear. Give me a human being to talk to not to read me a script.

Anyway, I needed to be able to use the software for this idea I’d had. I love sunsets and take photographs of them every day. I also love the piano (can’t play though) and have been experimenting with notes that could accompany the sunsets as a soundtrack. I needed to use the recording software on my computer to…well record them.

I gave up after 45 mins when any more trying could have done my health some damage.

Computer software. BLEH!

The pain I did something about

Computer software bleh

Not so much did something about but failed to keep my post computer software bleh whimpering under control when my gentlemanfriend arrived.

He was suitably consoling then reached over and with a sickening 3 clicks had it whirring beautifully.

That needed some indignant whimpering before I allowed myself to be coaxed over to the piano to try again.

I haven’t actually tried again on my own since then but will. Soon.

All in all

A BIG week.

Mind blown wide. Unlimited possibilities.

9:1 ratio of pleasure to pain.


How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?