The Pleasure Report. Week 11. The lilac buds edition.

The Pleasure

Twenty points this week. Thirty eight last week.

On paper that looks like maybe I didn’t have such a great week as the one before but it didn’t feel like that.

In fact I’m still under the Thoreau mind expansion spell and a bit stunned I think.

And there have been some deep, deep longstanding unmet needs just beginning to feel the air on their faces.

Some are over 40 years old.

They’re not ready for the full glare of public attention yet, I’ll let them acclimatise, but seeing them up at the surface after nearly a lifetime underground, is stunning.

And so hopeful.

Truly full of hope for the letting go of struggle.

A selection of the pleasure

Understanding and co-operation

I’ve spoken before about how when you work from home in an open plan house and some of your work involves sitting and thinking it can look like you’re doing bugger all not busy and available for attending to teenage needs.

Well we’re in the school Easter holidays so my on call hours are painfully expanded.

Buuuuuut my wee man has, twice this week when he wanted something, asked first if I was busy and then asked if there was something he could do that would help free up my time to help him.

He got dinner together one night and cleared up.

I’m speechlessly delighted.

The understanding and the co-operation. Like that very much. Very much.

Pashmina warm

Again. I know this has had a mention before but it is such a pleasure and so frequent a pleasure for me, (it’s there every week and often more than once), it was time to give another deep and low bow to the lightest of touches and delicacy of warmth that is pashmina warmth.

Even though it’s wrapped around my shoulders, it can make my feet feel warm and glowing.

Happy extremities while I work.

Lilac buds

I like lilac buds.

When we moved to this house there was no garden. There was a 50 foot square space full of thigh high weeds and building rubble but no plants at all.

I didn’t know how ignorant of plants I was till I tried making a garden from scratch.

I knew nothing, the garden had nothing and my ignorance and I made it up between us.

Because I really knew nothing of what would be happy here, I count myself more grateful than the average when anything grows at all let alone comes back into bud again and again with full vigour and beauty.

Beautiful lunchtime meanders with lilac buds coming right up.

The Pain

Thumping about and giggling

In the very early hours. Teenage friends with no sense of decibel levels sufficient to wake sleeping tigress who will roar when deprived of her 8 hours.

The pain I did something about

STUPID birds

I’m not much of a bird lover to start with. Liking quiet as I do, there’s just way more nattering than I like in the normal run of things.

Add to that some bluetits who see themselves reflected in my french doors, think they’re under attack from another bunch of bluetits and sit on my door handle and peck peck peck peck peck away. All day.

Can’t. Con. cen. trate.

And this disturbs my cat. No end.

She sits there speaking to them in a grumpy way. It would be really funny if I wasn’t trying to concentrate.

I tried shooing them a few times but these chaps are persistent.

Tried opening the french doors, that works but it’s still a bit chilly for that.

Then I tried tying a yellow cloth around the door handle so it looks like there’s no-where to land…….wow…worked like a dream, they came around doing their regular swoop round to land, out with their little feet ready for……..eeeeeeeeeeee and abort mission….abort mission.

I took on the blue tits and won.

All in all

A deep week. Life still upside down but with a depth to things that means rebuilding will be on solid foundations.

Pleasure to pain ratio 6:1. Wonderful.

How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?