The Pleasure Report. Week 12. The basking in the dunes edition.

Week 12 in the Year of Pleasure.

The Pleasure

Twenty five points this week. Twenty last week.

A selection of the pleasure

The dunes

My gentlemanfriend had a bit of a wanting. He gets wantings from time to time…to be up high (on a hill), to be by a river, to be in woodland…..

Last weekend it was to be by the sea. So we got in the car and went to the north Norfolk coast.

We got cheese, bread, olives and taramasalata from the deli and walked out to the dunes.

There was still a slight briskness to the breeze but, on the south side of the dunes it was beautiful.

We burrowed a little way in the dunes making a perfectly body hugging lounging spot and basked in the sun. Our first bask of the spring.

Light reading, snoozing, breathing clean air and noticing just how beautiful the light is.

And we didn’t get lost once. On drives we average one missed turning per journey due to me forgetting to look at the map chatting. Not a single missed turning this time.

Rest even though it’s Monday

I worked all day Sunday on something with a deadline that needed my full and uninterrupted attention.

I finished it at midnight and then wanted a little celebratory, pleased with myself, half hour, so I watched a recording of Victoria Wood.

Which meant I went to bed waaay past my bedtime. Then I needed to be up early on Monday morning for something else.

Normally after that I’d just soldier on through Monday working away because it’s Monday and that’s a work day.

I did what I needed to do and allowed myself extended lounging despite it being Monday.

That was a pleasure. The moment I reminded myself I’d worked all day Sunday and that a rest might be in order now and felt ok about it.

Normally I’d see the logic but still feel like it wasn’t quite right to be taking it so easy on a Monday.

In the voice of Manuel from Fawlty Towers. “Eees good. Eye like.”

He speaks. We have coffee together

My wee man is on Easter holiday from school at the moment.

We’re not going away anywhere this holiday and when he’s at home these days the norm is to catch fleeting glimpses of him as he goes from bedroom to fridge and out.

But I’ve struck lucky this week. My wee man has recently discovered he likes coffee and I’ve been making some at just the right moment when he’s appeared.

And we’ve had a coffee together. And chatted. It’s terribly civilised. And fun too.

The Pain

Four points this week. Four last week.

And they’re really piddly little things this week. Really low impact in the scheme of things. Barely worth mentioning.

Beautiful light and no camera

When we followed my gentlemanfriend’s want for the sea, we just got up in the morning, jumped in the car and were off.

Very spontaneous. But no camera. No sunscreen either.

The pain I did something about


My gentlemanfriend’s skin is quite fair. He was.. um….glowing a bit by the time evening came and we didn’t have any aftersun.

So I made some. With essential oils and moisturiser. It smelt really good and he hasn’t peeled. Much.

And I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed concocting concoctions.

All in all

An enjoyable week.

And feeling close and doing things together kind of week.

Pleasure to pain ratio 6:1 again.

I’m happy.

How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?