The Pleasure Report. Week 13. The love edition.

Week 13 in the year of pleasure.

The Pleasure

Thirty seven points this week. Twenty last week.

So many. All lovely. Such a happy week.

And a 7:1 ratio of pleasure to pain.

A selection of the pleasure.

Working from home the garden

It always suits me to work from home. No commute. No unnecessary fuel burned to get me there. Privacy. Comfort. Good coffee in a porcelain mug.

Being here when my wee man gets home from school.

This week it moved into the ‘even better than that’ zone.

I’m currently sitting outside in the garden writing this. Laptop on the table, umbrella above, chilled rose to the right.

Drying washing sending lovely clean clothes wafts over to me.

There is no struggle here.

Day off with an old friend

Tomorrow I’m taking a day off to spend with a friend I haven’t seen in too long.

We’ve been through deaths, weddings, pregnancies, births, career and men crisis (everything) together and tomorrow afternoon we’ll have lunch in the village pub and the afternoon in the garden talking about the rest of our lives. Oh yes. It’s good.

Then my wee man and my gentlemanfriend will join us and we’ll have lovely food and maybe try the sangria recipe I came across last weekend.

(The sangria recipe led me to this website which had me weeping tears of joy and feeling so, so loved up. Read what this man writes about his clients and tell me you’re not touched. And then my conclusion for everything was a teary…it’s just love. It’s all about love. That’s all there is really. Go on…read it and watch the films and tell me that’s not the answer to everything!)

Of course taking a day off means I’ll not have done the weekly bookkeeping or any other admin, invoicing, e-mails etc etc or ironing or any of the other things I do on Fridays.

Do you see me weep for them. No, you do not. Maybe next Friday when there’s double everything to do, but now. I’m in very happy anticipation.

Made it to an important meeting

I stood on the platform waiting for the train to a very important meeting (very important for the people concerned) and heard the dreaded announcement that due to a fatality in the Royston area all trains to and from London would now be subject to indefinite delays.

Everyone started leaving the platform, mumbling about driving over to different stations that are on different lines that wouldn’t be affected. Unusually for me I didn’t just follow everyone else assuming everyone is more train savvy than me. I stood calmly and worked things out for myself.

Even though they’d said all trains would be subject to delays, I was sure that I could see a train sitting outside the station waiting to come in and thought it might be the slow stopping one due to go into Moorgate when I was waiting for the fast one after it into Kings Cross.

I decided it was worth waiting to see. It did creep into the station and I got on it.

They advised changing at the next station if you wanted to go to Kings Cross, so I did what I was told and got off but ‘something’ told me to stay on that train so I jumped back on just as the doors were closing. Then a couple of stops down I heard announcements apologising for the indefinite delay to the train I would have changed onto.

It did take ages but I did get into London in time for the meeting. Smiling quietly to myself.

And the meeting went well. Cheering and clapping at the end. That kind of went well.

Feeling almost Shakespearean. All’s well that ends well.

Except with bowed head for the fatality in Royston.

The Pain

Five points this week. Four last week.

Unfocused drifting

I think this is my number one time drain.

It happens most often when I have more to do than will fit in comfortably and I haven’t yet made decisions about what I will and won’t do and how and when I will or won’t do them.

Or more specifically when those ‘will do, won’t do’ decisions need discussing and agreements reached with other people and so I can’t decide by myself right here and now.

Then I’m in most danger of slipping into unfocused decisionless drifting.

That’s when I’ll stare at an e-mail for a considerable time quite numb to its content and what I will do with it.

So that’s been happening this week. I’d prefer less of it, or purposeful drifting. Then I could enjoy it.

The pain I did something about

Love handles be gone

My gentlemanfriend and I love cooking together and eating together and sometimes (we all know I mean often) have seconds of our delicious concoctions and whilst it’s enjoyable it’s taking its toll on the wardrobe choices I have left.

I’d been taking steps to improve things and it was working but then I slipped.

My steps worked during school holidays but not when there was work and getting up and out by a certain time for school. So my lapse has made its mark and now I’m ready to adjust things again and keep going so my whole wardrobe will be available to me once again.

Here we go, after my friends visit, with a three fruity days start to resuming a much healthier diet.

All in all

I’m happy with the ‘more pleasure than pain’ each week pattern that’s getting established.

Seven to one this week. And I remember when I thought anything upwards of even was good and beyond 4:1 was inconceivable.

How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?