The Pleasure Report. Week 14. The grateful edition.

Week 14 in the year of pleasure.

The Pleasure

Thirty four points this week. Thirty seven last week.

A 17:1 pleasure to pain ratio.

Wow. I’m stunned. It just keeps going up and up.

Can you have an excess of pleasure?

A bit like over a certain amount of money additional amounts won’t make you any happier, I wonder if it’s the same with pleasure.

There’s been no watering down of how good the pleasure feels given that there’s lots of it.

A selection of the pleasure

Client thank you’s

One e-mail and one telephone call to say thank you.

My clients are wonderful people. Their taking the time to express their appreciation is much appreciated.

Quality films

We discovered and we are in love.

We don’t mind the occasional bit of mainstream when it comes to films but not too much.

We don’t live near any independent cinemas and regularly surf about on my tv package looking for a pay to view film and come away empty handed.

Our half hour on the site finding films and watching trailers was wonderful. That was before we even signed up. Much guffawing and much appreciating of quality and very much looking forward to watching our first one this weekend.

A good miraculous haircut

Don’t read on if hair bores you as I’m up for a big celebration here.

This has been a loooong time coming.

I haven’t had anything resembling a style for over three years now.

I’ve been growing my hair from super short and having in between haircuts meant to just keep things out of the wild woman of wonga zone till I reach a style.

At the start my hairdresser told me it would take maybe 6 months to get there, then later when the six months was up he said I know we’re not there yet but if I’d told you it was more like a year you’d never have started would you?

Well I’d have liked to have made an informed choice for myself.

After that he’d say just one or two more cuts and we’ll be there. But we never have been and that’s a long, long time for me to be disappointed on a daily basis with my hair.

And the faffing about and trying paddle brushes and blow drying this different way or round brushes or velcro rollers or slides or….. the list is endless.

All that faffing would sometimes get it so it was just about ok and I’d head off into my day swanking about happily only to catch sight of it after half an hour and see that it had flopped or frizzed or some other unpleasant thing.

Anyway, I’d got to the point where I thought it was just my hair. And that I should get used to it.

So you can see the miracle that this is.

I now like my hair.

I tip my head upside down and blow dry it, sit back up and there, it’s done, looking good.

And it stays that way. All day.

And it still looks good the day after I wash it.

I catch sight of it in a mirror and smile.


Amy of Greys in Hitchin.

I crown you chief miracle worker and bringer of ease, ending over three years of hair struggle.

I thank you.

My gentlemanfriend is also grateful.

The Pain

Two points this week, five last week.

It didn’t work.

My very dear friend and I have been all around the diaries looking for dates and times and venues to meet up for too long.

We worked out that we could meet last Friday on her day off if she came to me but would need to bring her dog.

He’s still a puppy really and she didn’t want to leave him at home on his own all day.

I have a cat who doesn’t hang around with dogs much so we didn’t know how it would go but it had been so long since we saw each other so we decided to give it a try.

Well, the timings went awry and dog/ cat relations were fraught and we spent most of the time on alert and not able to finish a sentence let alone a conversation.

Big shame.

The pain I did something about

Sleep/ eat/ study rhythm still needs some work

My wee man has exams soon. We’re trying to get his rhythms working. It still needs some work.

The thing I’m doing about it is restraining my control freak from barging in and imposing a dictatorship regime on him.

I’m doing relatively well.

All in all

This is a big week. Three years of hair struggle gone. Wiped out in 45 minutes.

Appreciative clients and quality entertainment.

It’s getting pretty good.

How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?