The Pleasure Report. Week 16. The hope edition.

Week 16 in the year of pleasure.

The Pleasure

Fifty four points. Twenty three last week.
And an 18:1 pleasure to pain ratio.
Hope is an amazing magnifier.

A selection of the pleasure

Politics could actually be different

I’ve pretty much stayed away from politics on the basis that I don’t feel a whole lot of trust in politicians and haven’t seen any policies so far, change things in significant enough ways to be worth implementing. It’s felt like maintenance of the current rather than improvement to people’s lives. This week, the green party have won a seat and the (hard to imagine) Lib Dem’s are in the cabinet keeping an eye on the Conservatives. We’ve yet to see whether they’re capable of listening to each other and working co-operatively but it’s a very welcome shake up. I hope they get some help with the co-operative working, the political training and education so far is based on a combative, I’m right, you’re wrong debating style so I believe it’ll need a lot of support shifting to a more co-operative style.
However, for this first shake up, I’m delighted. And I’m hopeful.

Connections and support

Linked In and facebook both suggesting people I might know, and I do know them, and I’m really happy to be back in touch with them. It’s been a fond, warm and loved up week.
I’ve also had lots of support on teasing out how the research of pleasure might work on a grander scale.
I feel the first stirrings of gentle excitement and good degree of hope beginning.
Gentle but exciting enough for a bit of a squeal!

The Pain

Usual useful ways lost to me for a moment

There was a minor incident where nonviolent communication was called for, I didn’t grab for it in time, got ratty and matters got worse quickly.
Ahhhhh.  Still working on it.

Pain I did something about.

Kindness again

Listening patiently to myself as I ranted about getting ratty. Kindness all round. No berating of the berator. No berating of anyone.
Ahhh. And normal breathing resumes.

All in all

So much that seemed so stuck, that I hadn’t been able to imagine coming unstuck, is coming unstuck.
WHAT a hopeful week.

How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.
Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?

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