The Pleasure Report. Week 18. The fragrant edition.

Week 18 in the year of pleasure

The Pleasure

Forty five points. Sixty four last week.

And a 22:1 pleasure to pain ratio

A selection of the pleasure

Caring Economics: more hope and inspiration

Caring Economics.

Just the title was enough to raise my eyebrows and widen my eyes in a hopeful kind of way.

I came across Riane Eisler (via Yael) and a short video where she describes her new book, Caring Economics.

She talks about the new map she’d like to see regarding what counts in economic terms.

and how caring, doesn’t even register on the current economic map. It isn’t counted and so is deemed to have no value.*

I feel this myself, though have struggled to articulate it.

Riane is putting words to what I’ve felt for a long time.

*There are a thousand many blog posts queuing up wanting me to say lots about this but I’ve told them this is more about the pleasure and that the entire known history of struggle for womankind will need go into a different post.

A gift.

An e-mail, beginning “I’ve been thinking about ways that I might help you” and ending with me getting an aromatherapy massage.

It’s just gorgeous in every way.

That someone* would, unsolicited, with no asking for help having taken place, want to help me and think of what would help me is ….is……..well…’s wonderful. It brought an instant plink of a tear to my eye.

And I managed the fine and rarely achieved art (for me) of accepting graciously. It’s tough stuff……accepting graciously.

*No call for concern. This is not just any random someone. It is someone I know as a friend and have known for some time and who is a trained massage therapist, healer and teacher of therapists.

Paper Heart

It’s a lovely docu/film about love and one girl/woman’s lack of belief in it. Sounds like it could be bleak but I thought it was delightful.

And I still love, Access to non mainstream films. Oh happy happy days.

Beautiful wafts

I have a fragrant garden!

The lilac wafts are all around, the wisteria wafts entrance me as I go out the back door and the quicksilver wafts creep down the path and circle while I’m working outside at the table. That makes mine the best office known to mankind. Hands down.

The Pain

Two and a half points this week. Three last week.

Body objecting

I walked for 4 hours in the sunshine which was wonderful. Beautiful front doors in the village of Standon, then lots of quiet countryside and a really good temperature for walking. But vanity kept me from wearing my walking boots with a skirt and my thighs are not really ready for shorts which would have looked alright with the boots. And so I wore plimsols. They looked good with the skirt. I know, I know.

My calves were not happy and there was chaffing. I’ve never had chaffing before. Had to walk in a John Wayne fashion and then the next day like a geriatric John Wayne on account of my calves refusing to unclench.

I know.

Pain I did something about

I did remember the miracle that is aloe vera for which my chaffing thanked me and I did allow myself to do the John Wayne walk unabashed until it was needed no more.

And the bonus, my gentlemanfriend now knows what my body could be doing at age 85 and can save himself and make a run for it now.

All in all

A week of working outside.┬áIt’s so good to be able to do that. Sunshine and gentle breezes and best of all fragrant wafts.

How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?