The Pleasure Report. Week 19. The beauty edition.

Week 19 in a year of pleasure.

The Pleasure

Thirty nine points this week. Forty five last week.

And a 10:1 pleasure to pain ratio.

A selection of the pleasure

Teenage thoughtfulness and consideration

It’s half term school holidays for us this week plus celebrations of ….wait for it….the commencement of study leave and thus………

the last formal day of school ever for my wee man.

So, there’s been friends around, and staying out late and sleeping over, and coming in late (well, after my bedtime anyway).

Historically this would have meant disturbed sleep for me whilst they crept (noisily) up the stairs, then down again for drinks with doors banging and we have a surprisingly loud kettle and clinking of cups….etc etc etc

This time, I only knew they were there because of the shoes in the hall when I came down in the morning.

AND, when I went to make the beds they’d been made.

And one of the beds had three cushions arranged beautifully at the pillow end and a throw spread beautifully at the bottom.

Bless you, you lovely creatures for you have learned consideration.

What a pleasure.

The light in the garden, in the shade of the umbrella, is beautiful*.

Beautiful enough to tilt my head, lower my shoulders and a delicate, soft, small moan of appreciation.

Working in the garden is a joy.

And I still remember the days when I worked in a windowless office. Appreciate it all the more.

*The photograph does it no justice. You’ll need to take my word for it.

Ideas and intriguing thoughts to follow in conversation

Thoughts about pleasure plinking away like light bulbsĀ for me, saying “Me, me, follow me, you can’t tell me you’re not interested, I know you’re interested”.

They’re right, I am….and next week I actually have time to follow them.

And, even better, my wee man talking to me about his thoughts and us both following them off down an intriguing path………

Many oooo’s and aaaah’s and oh so could that mean’s……


Happy clients

“This is normally awful and this time it was just right and I’d never have done it this way had it not been for you”.

Happy, happy, happy.

The Pain

Four points this week. Two and a half last week

Under attack

I love dogs and have only once ever had an unpleasant experience with one.

When I was a teenager we were visiting friends and somehow I got left alone in the room with the resident doberman pincher. And he did pinch, whilst emitting a low growl.

But it didn’t put me off and I’ve always loved dogs and never been frightened of them.

We were out for a walk at the weekend and a rottweiler came charging at me, teeth bared and barking.

I don’t know why I wasn’t frightened, given that I don’t think of rottweilers as tail waggy, tummy rubbing kind of dogs, but I wasn’t. Taken aback, yes.

I just stood still and stared at it and it stopped in it’s tracks and fell silent when it reached me. Its owner came over eventually and dragged it away, shouting at it and calling it some names I’ve never even heard before.


Then…….during the same walk, another dog, a labrador this time, came charging and barking at us. I do think of labradors as tail waggy, tummy rubbing kind of dogs and so I spoke to this one. And it went off, of it’s own accord, without any blood being spilled.

Very strange.

Pain I did something about

More noise and inequality than I can work in

There’s a cafe I like working in and mostly there’s a background hubbub that’s just right, not loud enough to get in and interrupt my train of thought.

This being half term holiday week, with many many children around, it wasn’t my haven at all.

It seemed like extraordinary levels of screeching…food additives?

There was one boy in particular kept blasting out this fake laugh, more like a bark, that seemed to be a victory cry when he got …..I couldn’t work it out.

But for sure someone’s needs were being met at the expense of others.

Not a happy situation for me.

I didn’t try to sink below the screeching in an attempted ‘you can meditate anywhere’ kind of way.

No….I fled.

All in all

A week of noticing my priorities. The needs which are most important to my functioning well.

And those necessary for life to be a pleasure. Like beauty.

Interestingly, I also discovered a few half pleasures this week.

They’re things that I’d normally consider a pleasure but there was something else needed this time for them to be that way, some other need.

Do you know that vitamin……the one that you need before the nutrients can be released in other foods?

It was a bit like that.

My gentlemanfriend brought me a notebook I was in need of…great, thank you, saves me making a trip out to get one when I want to keep working. But it wasn’t beautiful. I tried to feel grateful, I tried to like it. But no…

This is where I’d normally be getting out the birch and whipping myself a bit….ungrateful madam…….fussy creature……(and there’s plenty more where that came from).

Instead, this time, I thanked him heartily for bringing it, allowed myself to need beauty and made it a cover.

A cashmere one out of an old cushion cover.


How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?

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