The Pleasure Report. Week 20. The sea change edition.

Week 20 in the year of pleasure.

The Pleasure

Fifty one points this week. Thirty nine last week.

A 13:1 pleasure to pain ratio.

A selection of the pleasure

From the heart thanks

Seriously transformational things happening for my clients makes me just about burst with the …ooooh the joy of it.

And the thanks for our work together….even more bursting.

Pleasure is a lovely, warm, gentle and mellow kind of a thing for me, and this, this is more of an explosive, wildly expansive, burst right out of you kind of a thing.

That there’s room for the unquantifiable and ungeneralisable

A generous friend with a PhD, helped me this week with some of the bigger picture questions I have about research. Having that help alone was wonderful but the thing that is really tickling my spirit is the very fact that her PhD is about dreams.

That there’s room for that in her mainstream world feels so very hopeful to me and so very encouraging for the place of pleasure in a busy, productivity valuing world.

Days without deadlines

I like to have at least one day with no deadlines every week.

No appointments, no time that I need to be in a particular place, dressed and groomed in a particular way.

And usually on my own.

I remember my Dad liking days when he didn’t ‘have to’ shave. He may still decide to, but only if he felt like it.

For various reasons, of my choosing, I haven’t had a day without deadlines for over a month and I’ve been missing them badly.

This week I had one.

And I lounged. And I read.

And my wee man kept his own hours and got himself food, that had been got ready the day before, when he emerged.

And I lounged some more.

Good stuff.

The Pain

Four points this week. Four last week.

Sleep disturbed

Two nights in one week. Eech.

One night with the microwave beeping at 3.45am.

Not in a mysterious phenomena kind of way, there was a snacker at work.

Low grrrrrrrrowl.

And one night with (very rare) snoring, not my own.

Pain I did something about

Rather than try to get back to sleep beside the snoring, I’m grateful that I have other, out of earshot, options.

I decamped. And allowed myself to sleep later in the morning to compensate.

And I have instructions to stay put if it happens again and request decamping by the snorer.

All in all

This week has felt extremely encouraging and supportive and much appreciation has soaked in for all sorts of things and opportunities have been arriving.

All adding up to what feels like a sea change.

How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?