The Pleasure Report. Week 21. The deep understanding edition.

Week 21 in the year of pleasure.

The Pleasure

Forty one points this week. Fifty one last week.

A 41:1 pleasure to pain ratio

A selection of the pleasure

The Myth of Sisyphus and ‘verstehen’

Well Camus, somewhat before me, was also interested in struggle and happiness and I’ve been reading his essay (slowly, line at a time…it’s philosophy…it takes me that long) about this guy who pushed a boulder up a hill only to repeat it, repeatedly. And yet it must be concluded was happy.

So I’ve not finished reading it yet (see ‘slow’) but it seems it’s not what you struggle with but your attitude about it that matters.

Hmmm……yes…got that. Been experiencing the same thing myself in the year of pleasure.

And it’s almost irrelevant, for my purposes, what the conclusion is, my pleasure in this is the exploring and learning and understanding. Woo hoo was I having a good time giving my mind a stretch.

AND getting further towards what some qualitative researchers call ‘verstehen’.

A deep understanding of something. (Thank you JoVE for pointing me in that direction).

I’ve set off on this pleasure research just ‘knowing’ I have to. And my reading list is approaching 4 years long already so I think I’ll be around with the pleasure chat for some time to come.

Because that is what I want…..’verstehen’, a deep understanding of what it is to drop struggle and bring on the pleasure. For me and for everyone else who wants more pleasure and less struggle in their life.

I say everyone….more work to do on the scale and reach, obviously. Yes.

Anyway…it’s feeling good…so very good to be digging deeper still into this.


A Kazakh film, no not Borat, that was just lovely.

Via again. Still brimming over happy with this access to non mainstream films.

I have nothing against mainstream films, laugh and laugh repeatedly when Mel Gibson falls into the bath while waxing his legs in ‘What women want’, I’ve just been starved of non mainstream for ages now and I’m having a bit of a gorge.

Sugared dummies

Another understanding. A big one.

A friend and I have been cheering each other on with the ‘losing the love handles’ mission.

We’ve been phoning in each week and sharing progress, being encouraging and dispensing big virtual hugs at sticking points.

One conclusion she reached the other week was that she was probably comforted as a baby with, not just a dummy, but a dummy dipped in sugar!

Aaaah! All is clear…the distress and sugar combo. Agh!

I haven’t got a terribly sweet tooth and was jokingly wondering what my dummy might have been dipped in and ……

Aagh! of course…whisky.

I do have a penchant for whisky.

And alcohol was the thing I worried most about giving up in the love handle losing mission.

And add to that the favoured baby minding tips of the time, babies should not be indulged and need fresh air and should be put at the bottom of the garden in their prams and left to cry…….now that’s making sense why it’s one of my biggest button pushers when someone’s needs are ignored and why I’m super good at and certain that we WILL get their needs met.

I’m still taking this one in….it’s a big help, understanding that.

The Pain

One point this week. Four points last week.

Marketing isn’t my strength

And yet it’s a part of running a business and being self employed.

Networking makes me feel a little unwell. The thought of it AND the doing of it.

I’m just going to rock myself back and forth in the corner for a while…it’ll be fine.

I want a marketing department.

Ooo or an agent.

Pain I did something about

As you know, if you’ve been following along from the start in the year of pleasure, the idea was to drop struggle.

So it follows that I didn’t want to struggle with the things that were a struggle.

That anything I did about them would be things that came to me easily and that the doing of them would feel easy, kind of like the most natural thing in the world to do next.

And that hasn’t come yet about the pain this week.

So, true to my year of pleasure I’m letting it percolate.

All in all

It’s been a week of going deeper. And I like it.

Very much.

A new addition

What’s this!?

An additional way to keep your eye on pleasure.

Other than weekly here at the blog.

To say what’s a pleasure for you daily, heck, as often as every minute if you want.

And to see what’s a pleasure for other people

And to just bask in pleasure generally…..because, you know, it’s good for us.

And because less struggle and more pleasure is the way.

Sounds good……..tell me, tell me.


The Pleasure Posse*.

It’s on twitter. Do you tweet?

Lots of pleasure to be found on twitter. It’s delivered me countless beauties, divine photographs, recipes, art, inspiring people and on and on it goes but I’m not thinking about it delivering things to us, I’m thinking about tweeting ourselves.

*anyone who can tell me how to get the accent over the ‘e’ in posse, on my mac, gets my sincere gratitude

So if you suddenly notice just how much you’re enjoying a stimulating conversation with a client you could tweet about it.

and one or none or as many tweets in a day as you like with the things you’re enjoying, things that are a pleasure.

That keeps your eye on it. And makes you part of the pleasure posse.

Now if you also add the hash tag #itsapleasure* then we can all see what everyone is finding a pleasure by entering #itsapleasure in the twitter search box.

*apologies for the missing apostrophe, it offends my sensibilities but they’re not possible in a hash tag

I’m also going to add a section to the pleasure report, (working title) The Pleasure Posse, to gather together a selection of the #itsapleasure entries from the week and the twitter name of the tweeter.

If you don’t yet tweet, you can still say what’s a pleasure here in the comments at the blog or maaaaybe…… might like to consider joining me on twitter…. I’m @paulineesson.

Sound good?

-Just come and tweet with the hash tag #itsapleasure in your tweet, I’ll be looking every day.

-Have a look yourself by putting the hashtag in the search box

-Chat with other Pleasure Posse people

-Come to the blog on Fridays to see a pleasure Posse selection from the week or add your longer than 140 character pleasures.

Hope to see you on twitter!

How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?