The Pleasure Report. Week 23. The rich, strong, intoxicating edition.

Week 23 in the year of pleasure.

The Pleasure

Sixty six points this week. Fifty seven last week.

And a 66:1 pleasure to pain ratio.

A selection of the pleasure

Sofa Glastonbury was fun

Just music lovers, very little politics, very little commercialism, such a great collaborative atmosphere and a lot of fun.

People looking like they were having a ball. Smiling ear to ear, looking so happy.

That spirit was so infectious, I caught it several counties away.

I watched on tv, had my own little sofa ‘Glasto’, singing away and dancing round the living room like I just didn’t care!

High love hugs

I don’t know what it was that was different about the hugs this week but boy were they good. And no that’s not a euphemism.

Pure love transmissions they were. Mmmm hmmmm!

Rich jasmine wafts

There’s no holding back with jasmine.

Rich, full, strong, intoxicating wafts.

WHAT a pleasure.

The Pain

One point this week. One point last week.

We stood each other up

I was very tired and though I wasn’t asleep on the sofa I was quite close to it….a vegetative state

And completely forgot about a skype chat with a friend.

I really don’t like to do that.

It’s an important matter of respect for me.

It offends me terribly that I’ve forgotten someone. I’ve also not kept to an agreement. Oh woe is me.

When I went to apologise it turned out she’d forgotten too.

So that’s kind of good, at least she didn’t waste her evening hanging around waiting for me or chasing me up.

And kind of bad, that I’ve been forgotten too.


Pain I did something about

Well, I apologised about the missed skype chat and we’ve re-booked but just the difficulty finding a time to talk feels a bit sad.

The Pleasure Posse

A selection of pleasure from The Pleasure Posse who’ve been using the #itsapleasure hash tag on twitter

@yarnscape  Being able to book Friday off at nearly zero notice. #itsapleasure

@CharsFirstStep  #itsapleasure stretching and meditating this morning before getting dressed – what a pleasure.

@sarahbairstow  Just ate the sweetest cantaloupe and handfuls of cherries. The first of the season, so delicious. #itsapleasure

@evalazza  Mmm, it’s gloomy outside but I have mocha in my belly and a snoozing dog at my side #itsapleasure

@yarnscape  9am. Caught up online, showered, dressed, banana cake in oven. Rest of the day to myself. #itsapleasure

@orangemathtutor  #itsapleasure it’s a beautiful day and the garden is growing

@yarnscape  garlic scape butter – #itsapleasure. Here’s hoping some makes it as far as the pizza base!

@orangemathtutor  #itsapleasure watching my bunnies all flaked out napping on the floor

@yarnscape  Early morning dog walk: sun is out, but the long grass is still wet, so the hounds can run through it w/out overheating. #itsapleasure

@susanfuller  Importantce of savoring…When More Isn’t Better….It’s Worse | Psychology Today #itsapleasure

@susanfuller  seeing seeds turn into sprouts into plants into food #itsapleasure

@susanfuller  eating the first lettuce out of the garden #itsapleasure

And me too

#itsapleasure working from home with good coffee, pashmina, lovely blog comments and time to think about pleasure

@saslockey font tears….worthy tears in your case, for to gaze upon your fontitude truly is a pleasure #itsapleasure

#itsapleasure to work outside again today after over a week of blusteryness Laptop in shade, papers staying still.

It shouldn’t make me this happy that my house is clean but it does. Anything where something is cared for is good for me. #itsapleasure

#itsapleasure The light streaming in the (now clean) windows is beautiful.

#itsapleasure Now THIS is a pleasure, via @pattidigh

How about you?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Your pleasure, pain or pain you did something about?

Or of course on twitter use the #itsapleasure hash tag in your tweet and we’ll all be able to see what’s a pleasure this week.

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